SSAIB awards its first security screening certification

SSAIB's Geoff Rendall with EQM's MD Andy Galloway and staff
SSAIB's Geoff Rendall with EQM's MD Andy Galloway and staff

SSAIB’s Geoff Rendall with EQM’s MD Andy Galloway and staff

SSAIB, the UK’s leading Certification Body for organisations providing a variety of electronic security, manned guarding services, fire protection, intruder and other alarm systems, has awarded its first security screening certification – marking the start of a brand new scheme

SSAIB’s Accreditation and Certification Manager, Geoff Rendall, recently presented a certificate to consultancy External Quality Management Ltd (EQM) of Southampton, which screens personnel in the security sector to the requirements of BS 7858. This Code of Practice provides recommendations for the security screening of individuals working in an environment where the security and/or safety of people and/or property demands such screening.

Andy Galloway, MD of EQM, explains that as the first security screening agency in the UK (operating this service since 1995), the company has already screened some 1700 people to BS 7858:2006 over the past five years. “Being awarded this certificate from SSAIB means a great deal to us, because it represents an independent, third party endorsement of the procedures we adopt covering elements including data security, sensitive and service contracts, and confidential records.”

Mr Galloway adds that EQM has encouraged SSAIB to offer this new security screening certification service: “In our experience SSAIB is very pragmatic, time efficient and cost-effective. The assessment process was flexible and related to our needs and abilities as a company – SSAIB didn’t treat us as a multi-national company and make us go through hoops that weren’t necessary, so we’re proud to be the first company certificated under this new scheme.”

SSAIB’s Geoff Rendall adds that the security screening certification scheme is an important addition to the organisation’s list of services: “As a specialist Certification Body, providing a wide scope of accreditation, SSAIB offers a range of important benefits to service suppliers and end-user customers alike. Insurers are increasingly requiring evidence that all reasonable steps have been taken to mitigate risk and an SSAIB certificated company will meet or exceed your insurer’s requirements. For purchasers, specifiers and end-users, our remit is to ensure your interests are protected and that you have access to a pool of competent service providers you can rely on.”


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