Springkerse Business Watch join NeighbourhoodUnite.co.uk

Alan Spowart

Alan Spowart

Members of the Sprinkerse Business Watch, facilitated by PC Alan Spowart and the Scheme Coordinator Craig Dickson, have joined NeighbourhoodUnite.co.uk to support their efforts of reducing crime and enhancing community safety across the area.

PC Spowart is dedicated to ensuring Springkerse remains a safe area to operate a business in, and along with the Sprinkerse Business Watch members, will be using the many communication facilities of Neighbourhood Unite to increase participation in the scheme and supply intelligence conveniently to members.

Online features now available include 2-way SMS, so that messages are sent immediately and free of charge to members mobile phones with the facility to reply, text to landline which ‘speaks’ the content of text messages to the recipients and a community wall to provide a discussion forum for members.

About PC Spowart

“It is a pleasure to be the Community Police Officer for the Springkerse and Riverside. I am very familiar with the area and look forward to meeting and working closely with my community and other partners to address any policing issues in the areas.”


The developers of NeighbourhoodUnite.co.uk are looking forward to supporting the members of Springkerse Business Watch as the facilities within the website continue to grow.

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