Spectra Logic unveil product at IACP 2015

Spectra Logic unveil product at IACP 2015

Spectra Logic unveil product at IACP 2015

HauteView Body Worn Dock Management System with Spectra BlackPearl Technology enhances access to centralized surveillance data

Spectra Logic, the deep storage experts, announced the integration of Spectra BlackPearl™ hybrid storage architecture into the HauteView™ Dock Management System by HauteSpot Networks Corporation, an international provider of wireless video surveillance, edge video processing, and security solutions. Together, Spectra Logic and HauteSpot provide law enforcement, transit authorities, fire fighters, EMS professionals and others with affordable, long-term retention of all recorded video from every vehicle within an organization’s fleet.

This integration marks the first offering of a digital evidence management system with private cloud long-term retention, providing lifecycle management of all digital assets, which reduces complexity and lowers total cost of ownership.

“HauteSpot and Spectra Logic have created a valuable industry standard of centralized digital information for law enforcement,” said Bob Ehlers, chairman, HauteSpot Networks. “Our award-winning HauteView solutions offer video and meta data capture and, starting today, tiered video storage from Spectra Logic, to maintain a true chain of custody throughout the system.”

The HauteView Dock Management System solution efficiently transfers digital evidence from HauteSpot’s HauteView body worn cameras to Spectra BlackPearl via S3 cloud interface (object storage). This technology combination provides a reliable means of capturing and preserving digital surveillance data, enabling all evidence to be fully managed and retained, assuring its longevity, on proven LTO or IBM TS1150 Tape Technology. Today’s launch follows an earlier partnership announcement by Spectra Logic and HauteSpot Networks to provide the first end-to-end workflow for surveillance video.

“The law enforcement market will be the first to benefit from this unique integration, leading the shift to on-premises ownership of surveillance data for centralized access and true control of sensitive, evidence-based assets,” said Matt Starr, chief technology officer, Spectra Logic. “In an increasingly video-ready world, we offer the first centralized digital information solution with private cloud for enhanced security and greater cost efficiencies.

Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway provides private cloud storage for all evidence-capturing devices, including body-worn and fixed cameras, digital forensics, case management, interview rooms, radio dispatch, accident reporting and other legal capture devices. This structure offers best practices in digital evidence ownership in a non-proprietary arrangement, and places evidence in a secure, central location to allow quick access for analysis, training, investigation, crime scene processing, interrogation, video lineup and other law enforcement matters.

HauteSpot technology, including wireless fixed mesh cameras, edge video processors, nomadic cameras, mobile in-vehicle video surveillance, and body worn equipment, produce a vast amount of data. With increasing legal requirements and lengthening retention terms, the need to safely and affordably retain video is at an all-time high. HauteSpot products work in the field, and Spectra’s archive solutions seamlessly retain video from cameras in the data center, on highly reliable disk and digital tape technology.

Click here to learn more about mobile video surveillance management and retention from HauteSpot and Spectra Logic

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