SOTER RS Through-Body Scanners deployed in seven South African prisons


In one of their largest orders ever, ODSecurity of the Netherlands has sold 14 SOTER RS Through-Body Scanners to the Department of Correctional Services in South Africa.

Two units each will be deployed in each of seven correctional facilities across the country.

The SOTER RS is a low dosage full body scanner which combines ultra-low radiation with maximum visibility and is in use in airports for drug interdiction and correctional facilities worldwide.

The SOTER RS takes just a few seconds to reveal hidden items both on the body, in body cavities and even ingested items such as weapons, mobile phones, drugs and other contraband. It will clearly show a difference between human tissue and any other materials, not just metal but organic materials and man-made materials.

The scanners will be offered for both inmates and visitors, which avoids the use of intrusive strip searches.

Smuggling into prisons is a worldwide problem which is on the increase. A recent report in Canada determined that between 2007 and 2011, the amounts of drugs, intoxicants, weapons and other unauthorized items confiscated by staff at Canadian prisons has steadily risen, in some cases by more than 170%.

SOTER RS is successfully deployed in prisons, in airports, detention centres, police and customs facilities worldwide including; Australia, Denmark, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Netherlands, UAE, USA, UK, Chile, Sri Lanka and Vietnam and now South Africa.



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