Sony excited by new G6 CCTV cameras pushing performance boundaries

Sony has hailed its new Generation 6 (G6) CCTV video surveillance cameras as a “revolution” for the security industry, claiming they push the curve of image detection and camera intelligence.

The leading AV/IT solutions supplier rolled out their range of nine G6 cameras across Europe earlier this month, complete with the latest enhancements in Sony’s IPELA engine and Exmor CMOS imaging sensor to offer improvements in image quality.

Sony claims the G6 features improved light sensitivity and noise suppression of more than double its fifth generation range,

Advancements in Sony’s wide dynamic range compensation technology, View-DR, in collaboration with the IPELA processor, means the G6 can capture detail even in strong backlighting conditions, while XDNR technology gives a reduction in image noise in difficult lighting conditions.

Recording rates of 60 frames per second (fps) in both HD and full HD are capable of being delivered, with increased intelligence, applications and algorithms in the camera providing smooth performance in rapid motion environments and frame-by-frame playback.

Chris Whitting, Business Development Manager at Sony Video Security, told SecurityNewsDesk the G6 platform is about driving the capabilities of HD to produce levels of image quality, low light quality and speed not previously seen before.

“Moving up to 60 fps brings huge advantage to transportation – where you are filming fast-moving vehicles and trying to capturing details of number plates – and into the gaming community,” said Whitting.

“We have been doing some trials in both transport and gaming with a couple of live partners and having phenomenal success being able to give huge differences in the quality of colour rendition, speed of image and identifiable information from those images.

“It’s all enabled by the fact the technology has moved on, we’ve got the amazing chip set and the software algorithms on it. When all linked together and operated in conjunction with one another, it gives a huge advancement in image quality.

“It really is a revolution in the industry.”

The G6 platform is also equipped with advancements in Sony’s analytics and analytical software, DEPA Advanced, to aid intelligent motion detection through new decision-making processes contained within the camera.

Now capable of analysing 15 frames against a reference frame, the range can significantly reduce the amount of false alarms in motion detection based on user-defined rules.

Whitting added: “We are enabling the camera to make the intelligent decision out on the edge of the network using its on-board analytics and that comes back into the network, so it’s not overloading the network with video traffic.

“This is a huge impact for pretty much every organisation out there and is why blue-chip companies are choosing our technology and putting them throughout their whole estates.”

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