Sony announces European availability of Generation 6 video security cameras



Sony has announced its landmark Generation 6 (G6) video security cameras are now available to buy across Europe. The nine cameras, which incorporate Sony’s IPELA ENGINE, represent a new breed of security solutions designed to deliver advances in high contrast conditions, scenes with strong backlighting, 60 fps capture speed and low-light performance for demanding imaging applications, in the mid-to-high level video surveillance market.

With the newly improved View-DR wide dynamic range compensation technology, each IPELA ENGINE series model provides astounding detail even in strong backlighting conditions. Image noise is significantly reduced due to Sony’s XDNR technology. Low light sensitivity is more than twice that of Sony’s previous cameras, thanks to Sony’s latest Exmor CMOS imaging sensor. Maximum frame rates are doubled from 30 fps to 60 fps on both HD and Full HD models, ideal for creating the smooth images needed in casinos and for traffic monitoring solutions.

The line-up includes the SNC-VB600 and SNC-VB630 Box cameras; the SNC-VM600 and SNC-VM630 Mini Dome cameras, and the SNC-VM601 and SNC-VM631 Ruggedised Indoor Mini Domes.  These incorporate improvements in core camera functionality, designed to provide extraordinary images even in the most challenging security scenarios, such as airports, railway stations, government buildings, hospitals and schools. Six of these cameras are capable of delivering 60 fps and three are 30 fps versions for smaller budget installations.

The cameras are also equipped with advanced analytics, in addition to intelligent motion detection, tampering detection and face detection. DEPA Advanced, Sony’s edge based image analytics solution, allow a combination of filters, including virtual trip wires, ‘appearance’ detection, ‘left object’ and ‘removed object’, to be used as triggers for local or VMS based alarms.

Ryan Kawashima, Strategic Marketing Manager for Video Security, Sony Europe, commented: “Our sixth generation of video security cameras features higher levels of light sensitivity than any competing product in the market. Light sensitivity is a crucial element in the production of images in dark environments, a situation that is common among our customer base”.

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