Smiths Detection to supply X-Ray Cargo Screening Systems for Canadian Border Security

smiths-detectionSmiths Detection has been awarded an order to provide mobile X-ray cargo screening systems to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) worth in excess of $8 million. To enhance border screening, the systems will be put into place at selected sites this year.

The company’s high energy scanner, the HCVM Z60 NA, is ideally suited to inspect trucks, other vehicles and containers for weapons, explosives and narcotics, optimising all security checks at ports, airports and border crossings. The device is capable of scanning through 12 inches of steel, providing high resolution images of container contents for rapid and reliable interpretation. This technology also enables up to 25 trucks to be inspected every hour.

Lance Roncalli, Vice President of Sales, Americas, for Smiths Detection, said: “Smiths Detection HCVM series meets the growing demand for fast and dependable cargo screening to enhance security while supporting the free flow of trade. The technology is also backed by our globally recognized commitment to training and service which offers an exceptional overall value for customers like the CBSA.”

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