Smavia Loyalty Bonus from Dallmeier

Smavia Loyalty Bonus from Dallmeier

Smavia Loyalty Bonus from Dallmeier

With the “Smavia loyalty bonus” Dallmeier is offering its customers an attractive and special upgrade path to the world of SMAVIA. In response to intense demand, Dallmeier is extending the programme to run until 31 December 2016.

Dallmeier recording systems are exceptionally reliable and have long service lives. This is why many analogue video systems are still in operational use. Those who wish to make a gradual transition to future-proof IP technology can enjoy the advantages of the “Smavia loyalty bonus”. Because loyalty has its rewards! Anyone who replaces an existing Dallmeier recording system with a DLS 1600 Smavia Appliance will receive free licences for 12 analogue channels as well.

This means the customer gets a DLS 1600 with 16 analogue channels for the price of the basic version with four analogue channels. Incidentally, these channels can also be converted to IP channels quite easily with an additional, optional licence, so even high resolution HD and megapixel network cameras can be recorded on the appliance, and the system can be upgraded to IP technology.

The “Smavia loyalty bonus” does not depend on the type, age or number of channels of the replaced Dallmeier recording system. In line with its Green Global Security philosophy Dallmeier will ensure proper disposal of the returned recording system.

It’s that easy
Processing is fast and easy: The newly acquired SMAVIA appliance DLS 1600 can be registered for the SMAVIA loyalty bonus on the Dallmeier website. All that is needed is the address and serial number of the DLS 1600. The customer will then receive the licence code for 12 additional analogue channels promptly by e-mail. Finally, the replaced Dallmeier recording system has to be received in the Dallmeier Service Centre in Regensburg within 14 days.

The registration form for the loyalty bonus as well as further details about the campaign can be found on the Dallmeier website!

For more information on the Smavia Loyalty Bonus from Dallemeier click here

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