SMARTair™ upgrades security, flexibility and user-friendliness


Access control challenges at CUNEF will be familiar to many educational institutions: how to keep the university site secure, yet still provide flexible, user-friendly access to an ever-shifting roster of staff, students and visitors? For glass doors, emergency doors, teaching rooms and private offices, SMARTair™ did the job—and without any need for expensive cabling or wiring.

SMARTair™ is an access control system perfectly suited to organizations making the step up from mechanical master keys. At CUNEF, students and staff now open doors with smart MIFARE RFID cards. With SMARTair™, CUNEF facility managers can tailor access rights down to the level of the individual user or door. If someone loses their card, there’s no security threat. Facilities managers issue a new card, and the lost card is automatically invalidated.

Because there’s no wiring involved in a SMARTair™ door installation, CUNEF can extend access control to far more doors than would be feasible or affordable with a traditional wired system. Over 100 wireless, battery-powered SMARTair™ escutcheons have even been fitted to glass doors and emergency exit doors.

“We trusted the wireless SMARTair™ system because it’s already used in other universities around the world, and the partner who installed the products was efficient and professional,” says Gregorio Pascual Carrascosa, Facility Manager at CUNEF.

CUNEF selected SMARTair™ ”Update on Card” management, which allows smart cards to carry updated information to secured doors, adding flexibility for both users and facilities managers. CUNEF also installed 6 SMARTair™ updaters, so all users can update access rights easily.

The initial project envisaged 108 escutcheons placed throughout the site. CUNEF are so happy with their SMARTair™ installation that 203 are already up and running—so far.

About CUNEF: The Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros, or CUNEF, is a prestigious Madrid university with a specialism in business administration, law and finance. Over 100 lecturers and professors teach approximately 1,600 students at the university.

About SMARTair™: SMARTair™ is a powerful access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. SMARTair™ is the cost-effective alternative to a full high-security system. SMARTair™ contactless smart card technology is easily incorporated into existing systems, with multiple management solutions. No bells, whistles, or wires, just sleek, reliable security.

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