SMARTair™ Pro: real-time access control is now by your side

SMARTair™ Pro: real-time access control is now by your side

SMARTair™ Pro: real-time access control is now by your side

Real-time security has long been the biggest challenge for an access control system. No longer. The new SMARTair™ Pro system keeps you in touch with everything that’s happening in your building — who enters, where and when — allowing you to stay in control of site security, in real time.

It’s a wireless system that is simple to install. It brings significant energy savings for customers. And the advanced management software puts administrators in control of a site from multiple devices, from anywhere and at any time.

The new SMARTair™ Wireless online solution is an intelligent access control system that uses bi-directional encrypted radio frequency communication to upgrade security and convenience for all building users. Its wireless, battery-powered door devices communicate with the central control system via TCP/IP hubs. With SMARTair™, system administrators now can open secure doors from anywhere, configure a user’s access rights remotely, or obtain real-time audit trails for any access point in the organisation.

And that’s just the start. The new SMARTair™ system brings smart security, smart access and smart use advantages to any small or medium-sized business.

SMARTair™ Pro: real-time access control is now by your side

The new smart security system delivers a real-time audit trail anytime, and from anywhere. Facility managers can change access rights or time-zones instantly from a PC or web client; unlock or lock a door remotely with a click; or receive e-mail alerts when a device’s battery is low, when there’s an attempted intrusion, or where doors have been left open. There’s no compromises on security, with end-to-end encryption from server to door and stand-alone operative devices that work even after a network breakdown.

The system has also smart access features, with components to fit all types of doors and access points. There are battery-powered escutcheons and cylinders to fit wood, glass, emergency exit and fire resistant doors, barriers, elevators, and more. These battery-powered SMARTair™ locks maximise energy efficiency, delivering low energy consumption that saves the business money. They are wireless and easy to install, making SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online a cost-effective solution for any business premises.

From a user perspective, the system delivers smart use features for staff and visitors. Employees can use the SMARTair™ app to open doors instantly from an iOS, Android or Windows Phone smartphone. It’s even possible to create extra access points for them on the run, and there are multiple credentials to match user needs, including cards, tags and bracelets, as well as the SMARTair™ app. Credentials support multi-use, such as for local payment. The system also supports card, PIN and card+PIN multi-authentication, for an extra layer of security.

It’s also easy to expand or upgrade an installation cost-effective anytime, bringing new doors or users into an existing SMARTair™ installation.

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