SMARTair™ cures lost key troubles for a Toulouse retirement home


Care home investment is on the rise, and operators of new and established residences are building premises adapted to deliver 21st-century care. Increasingly, their focus turns to wireless access control — and how it can make everyday life easier and safer for residents, while giving security managers more control over their site.


Toulouse’s Petites Soeurs des Pauvres retirement home was formerly inside a building dating from the 1800s. When owners decided the site no longer met modern standards of security, comfort and hygiene, they decided to replace the old building with new premises, while retaining the structure’s original shape and the historic chapel at its centre.


Work began in 2015, and residents moved into the new building in 2016. Further construction phases continue through 2018.


Petites Soeurs des Pauvres chose SMARTair™ wireless electronic access control. Every door at their new site is protected with a SMARTair™ wireless electronic cylinder or escutcheon with built-in card reader. In addition, access to 2 lifts is controlled with SMARTair™ wall readers. Because SMARTair™ devices are wireless and battery powered, both installation and operation are cost-efficient.


Now, over 80 residents and 50 employees come and go easily, but only where they’re authorised. SMARTair™ credentials are simple for all client groups to use. Older residents who find it a challenge to live independently can unlock doors easily with a bracelet or tag credential, for example.


Facility managers and security administrators always know “who has the key” for every room or area. It’s easy to add, delete or update users or doors from the central system software at any time. Device management is via Update On Card, with a portable updater providing the link to the system. SMARTair™ has eliminated the laborious task of mechanical master-key management.


SMARTair™ has also removed the burden and significant costs lost keys were placing on securing this home: “An employee left with his card. No panic! We cancelled it, and that’s all,” explains Laurent Joosep.


“I recommend SMARTair™ because it meets the basic needs of access control and solves the problem of key replacement.”


About Petites Soeurs des Pauvres: Petites Soeurs des Pauvres is an international group of homes for elderly residents, run by a long-established religious congregation. It operates 240 retirement residences around the world, including 40 in France. For more background information, visit


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