SiraView universal CCTV viewer designed for CCTV replay


In the wake of HMIC’s recent report “Stop the Drift 2” regarding the difficulty the police and courts have dealing with CCTV and the number of different formats, Sira Defence and Security comments on the use of CCTV by law enforcement organisations.

  • Increased emphasis on equipment interoperability
  • Increased need to view CCTV
  • Ease of equipment usage  by technical and non technical staff
  • A reduction in budgets
  • Compatibility and conversion issues costing money

So is a universal CCTV viewer the answer?

The Home Office thought so; they have been encouraging Sira to develop the SiraView product to make CCTV viewing an easier experience for several years.  What we have achieved is as follows:

  • SiraView is easy to use with little or no training
  • It’s a software product so no hardware costs
  • It’s interoperable with many editing products
  • Exports are compatible with many evidential storage solutions
  • DVD exports are compatible with many Court Room facilities
  • It’s based on windows
  • SiraView can be transferred to a new computer if you change the hardware
  • We send out upgrades to keep you up to date with changing formats

SiraViewThe new version 3.1 with enhanced viewing features, more formats and a visual viewing log will be released shortly.  If you would like a free trial copy or would like to discuss your specific application do call me or visit the Web site

There has never been a better time to trial SiraView, the universal CCTV viewer it ticks all the boxes at a cost effective price.


More Information:

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