Siqura announces release of the Siqura Device Manager tool

The Siqura Device Manager (SDM) from Siqura, part of TKH Security Solutions, is a software tool designed to help installers and integrators configure networked Siqura cameras and video servers. The SDM auto-detects Siqura security devices on a network, providing an intuitive management interface. Network settings, device configuration, status and firmware upgrades can all be managed through the SDM.

“The SDM is a network tool for Siqura ‘edge’ devices,” explains Peter de Konink, Siqura Product Manager. “It gives users a clear overview of the cameras and servers in a network. It enables device configuration, such as setting time and date, network parameters, encoding formats, bit rates and much more. Features like back-up, restore and firmware upgrade keep networks in good working order. Devices with incorrect network settings, which are normally hard to identify, are automatically detected and listed for reconfiguration.

“Users can select groups of devices on screen and apply identical settings, or capabilities, to the whole group. This helps to speed up configuration. The entire network settings can also be saved for added security. If the network ever requires restoring, the SDM system will detect and highlight new devices and show missing devices as being off-line.”

The Siqura Device Manager is a Windows-based, executable file available for free download from the Siqura website. It has been specifically designed for managing Siqura’s edge devices.

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