Simplicity Isn’t Simple – But it is Fast From Paxton

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paxton net2The pressure was on at the Paxton stand at IFSEC last week as installers took on the Net2 Entry Speed Trial. While showcasing the comprehensive range of access control products, Paxton set about proving that simplicity of installation is something that is more than just a marketing line for the industry leader.

Adam Stroud, Paxton Access CEO, set the bar at 1:35 minutes in the speed trial and challenged visitors to the stand to take the Net2 Entry system from box to fully working configured system in a quicker time. SecurityNewsDesk managed to catch Stroud at the event to learn the serious message behind the competition.

“Paxton caters to the mid-market,” said Stroud. “This includes schools, gyms, retail outlets and small to medium size businesses. It’s a huge market and the trick to getting the best share is to make sure companies are able to install our systems. We ensure this happens through a mix of training and installation simplicity. This year at IFSEC we’re doing the Net2 speed trials. It’s a bit of a laugh, but there’s also a serious message behind it. The fact that you can go from boxed product to working system in such short amount of time is phenomenal, and proves we are doing more than marketing when we say our products are simple to use.”

Stroud explained that Paxton is passionate about making the entire experience simple and it aims to produce solutions that are simple to install and products that are cohesive, make sense and are intuitive for the user. This is particularly important for the mid-market, according to Stroud, as it is rare for the company’s target end-users to have a dedicated IT security officer.

However, he went on to add that simplicity is not a simple thing to achieve, saying, “In order to make the system simple, we use quite a lot of advanced technology in Net2, such as IPV6 and PoE. It can be a challenge, so we’ve enjoyed having some fun with it at IFSEC.”

Over the last two years Paxton has enjoyed a period of growth with their video entry system, all the while bolstering their offering with new products and features. The company now commands a large chunk of its target market, said Stroud, and it is where it had aimed to be two years ago. So has IFSEC helped Paxton as they look to future success?

Stroud said, “We’ve been really pleased with the attendance and the response has been good. We’ve always liked IFSEC and were quite anxious about the effects of the new location. On day one last year we recorded 140 leads, and on the first day here we recorded 190, so we’re up. We’re pleased to say the event has been a success for us.”

Each day of IFSEC saw a challenger in the Net2 Speed Trail win a PS4. The three winners were Simon Collins, SILIS Security Solutions, with a time of 1min 48sec, Dan Turner, Advance Security, 1min 21sec, and Euan Brown, Alternative Systems Protection, 1min 35sec.

Speaking about his win, Brown said, “It’s an excellent system, very easy to install and use. The stand at IFSEC looks superb and it’s awesome to win the Net2 Entry competition! It was an easy win, a small child could put Net2 Entry together – I just happen to be a big child!”

See the proof of how easy Net2 is to install in the below video of Stroud’s own speed trial.

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