SilverNet Introduce Shorthaul Wireless Transmission Link

wireless transmission link

SilverNet has further strengthened its wireless network capability with the introduction of a 60GHz Shorthaul link.

The palm sized 60GHz license-free link is part of the Etherhaul range of products and has the ability to transmit high volume video and data up to a distance of 500 metres and is available in 100 Megabyte or one Gigabyte bandwidth versions. It can be installed within minutes on any kind of street furniture such as lamp posts and traffic lights or on the side of buildings, whilst an auto-alignment toolkit is available to enable installation engineers with no telecommunications experience, to quickly and accurately align two antennas.

The 60GHz point-to-point wireless transmission link provides dedicated bandwidth, which does not get shared with other users and negates the need to utilise costly fibre networks or leased lines.

“Shorthaul wireless transmission of video, as well as audio and data, has traditionally been achieved over the 5GHz frequency, but interference can become an issue where there are large number of radios in close proximity or where there are military installations close by,” said Christopher Ballard, Managing Director of SilverNet. “The good news is that the 60GHz frequency is uncongested, even in dense urban areas, and the use of a high-gain, pencil-beam antenna guarantees high spectrum availability.”

As in the case with all SilverNet Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and Backhaul wireless transmission solutions, the Etherhaul range can easily be managed via the free SilverView wireless network management and monitoring software (NMS).

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