SilverNet Enhances Wireless Network Range with Backhaul


backhaulSilverNet, a leading innovator of wireless network solutions for the transmission of video, voice and data, has enhanced its range with the introduction of a 2Gbps Backhaul link.

A Backhaul link is typically deployed for the wireless transmission of multiple channels of high volume video to a single location. It negates the need to utilise costly fibre networks or leased lines and provides dedicated bandwidth which does not get shared with other users. The SilverNet Backhaul is an IP network based radio link operating in the 80GHz E-band spectrum and offers a rugged, high capacity outdoor radio link which is optimised for transmission up to 5 Kilometres.

The SilverNet Backhaul link, which is “Light Licensed” in the UK, requiring only a £50 annual OFCOM fee, has an operating range of up to 5km and is available with full Duplex throughput up to 2Gbps.

“This is an ideal solution for aggregating a number of SilverNet 5GHz radio links to a single point and then backhauling, for example, to a remotely located control room,” said Chris Ballard, Managing Director of SilverNet. “As with all our radio links, they are easy to install and set up and are managed via the free, easy to configure and easy to use SilverView wireless network management and monitoring software (NMS).”

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