Silent Sentinel radar systems combined with CCTV

Silent Sentinel radar systems combined with CCTV

Silent Sentinel radar systems combined with CCTV

It’s no secret that Britain has the most CCTV cameras per head of any country in the world; everyday it’s estimated that we’re caught on camera 300 times. Despite this extensive coverage, figures from the Metropolitan Police show that the number of crimes caught on CCTV fell by 71% over a five-year period, which has raised questions about the true impact that security cameras have on their own.

CCTV cameras are largely designed to look in one direction, and although they can pan, tilt and zoom with great effect, the viewer is always seeing one view of an area. It means that if an intruder or security risk is in a different place – an area where the camera is not currently pointing, then in some cases the intruder can remain undetected. In this instance, you need radar. Radar coupled with CCTV transmits constantly over the area of interest, scanning back and forth, updating multiple times a second. This 24hour surveillance system allows for automatic detection of any movement of people and vehicles irrespective of whether the camera is looking in the correct area or not.

Radar for detection, cameras for verification
Simulating the eyes and ears of your security personnel, a radar system automatically monitors an entire area (high resolution scanning). In the event of an intrusion the radar automatically guides the camera to the target and follows it in real time as the system is updating several times a second. Thus ensuring that the camera does not miss a single event. Radar provides your security system with real time (second by second) information, such as speed, size, location and direction of an object. However, the crucial element is combining this with a PTZ camera to allow the operator to access the risk. In addition, sophisticated software algorithms help the operator to interpret/manage the situation by making intelligent rules-based alarm configurations within the system that permit certain behaviour while alarming on others. This means that one operator can manage a complex area as he/she is being given intelligent situation awareness information, which allows personnel to be deployed more efficiently. In these cases we have reports that users are experiencing a return on investment within a very short period of time.

Radar for all weathers
While we might love talking about the weather, traditional cameras work at their best only in good weather and light conditions. So in poor light, rain, fog and snow, many CCTV cameras are adversely affected. Conversely radar continues to perform in these conditions as it detects the reflections of each target, remains unaffected and is able to work in all climate conditions. This means that we can deploy radar guided CCTV systems in almost all external applications across the world – such as Airports, Power Stations, Solar Farms, Heritages Buildings, Data Centres, Oil & Gas sites. Anywhere high-value equipment needs protecting; radar guided CCTV ensures you’re covered.

Radar for perimeter security
Defence sites, power stations and airports are at high-risk of terrorist actions. As large open spaces, these sites are particularly vulnerable against attack. According to the latest figures published by the Civil Aviation Authority, in the first six months of 2015, 9,202 reports were filed about UK airports under the Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme – these reports log safety-related events that could endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person.

With an average of 15 kilometres of perimeter fence to monitor, some airports choose to use fence sensors, but fence sensors are notorious for high false alarm rates, so many are switched off. While other airports rely on pre-sets that only alert you about a single section of fence. Radar Guided CCTV employs high resolution (centimetre resolution scanning technology) that monitors the whole site every second of the day and night, rather than just the perimeter fence, so your security personnel have full situation awareness. They are kept updated with the exact co-ordinates of a breach in real-time, so they can target the cameras to track the risk until it is eliminated.

Radar for aesthetics
The UK is renowned for its history and beautiful architecture. It’s why we employ listed building status to protect certain properties from re-development or unsightly changes. Whether a stately home, rural cottage, or prestigious London residence you can’t simply build a high fence around your property to protect your assets.

Increasingly radar systems are deployed to secure these protected and vulnerable premises. Small and discrete, systems can be mounted without impacting on the overall look of the property so you adhere to building regulations while ensuring your home is secure. The sensors weigh as little as 1.2kg and measure as little as 30cm x 20cm, which means they can be mounted pretty much anywhere without impacting on the structure of the building. Furthermore, advanced modern processors (chipsets) allow devices to have on-board processing which eliminates the need for cumbersome, complex and costly servers to do all the work. These radar guided CCTV systems are now light weigh, low power, easy to install and low cost.

Silent Sentinel for radar
Offering a range of radar systems, Silent Sentinel manufactures high-specification CCTV cameras and integrate different radar systems to suit the application. No matter if the site is large (multiple km) or small (car parks), Silent Sentinel offers a camera option that will meet your exact specification, comprising different camera lenses together with day-light, IR, white light and thermal options.

Available as a flat-panel unit, Silent Sentinel’s Athena radar (Radar Guided CCTV) system provides high resolution surveillance. Using flat-panel radar (fixed in one position), scanning from within the unit, the system contains no motors or drivers, making Silent Sentinel’s Athena radar a highly reliable solution.

Manufactured to the highest standards, the Athena flat-panel radar offers a modular solution. Available in multiple range options, from 150m to 1,350m, the panels can be combined to provide up to 360° coverage depending on the application.

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