SightTracker automatically steers Axis HD PTZs

SightLogix, the established leader for smart thermal camera security systems, announces the integration of its SightTracker GPS-based auto tracking pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controller with Axis Communications’ IP-based dome network cameras. The integration, which combines SightLogix’ accurate, long-range detection with AXIS Q60-E Series, delivers a complete security solution for protecting perimeters and outdoor assets.

“Securing large outdoor areas requires real-time, detailed information about the location and nature of an intrusion,” said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. “The integration of SightTracker and Axis PTZ cameras delivers the best-in-class combination of outdoor intrusion detection and zoomed-in target detail for securing outdoor areas.”

With this integrated solution, made using Axis’ API, SightTracker has been enhanced from supporting select analog cameras to also control qualified IP-based PTZ cameras. When used in conjunction with SightLogix new wide-area SightSensor XA and Axis Communications’ PTZ dome cameras, end users can now detect and verify targets over areas four times greater than other solutions.

SightTracker solves the challenge of an operator trying to manually steer a PTZ camera to locate an outdoor target. SightTracker automatically moves the Axis PTZ camera without human intervention and tracks the target within the PTZ camera’s field of view, providing hands-free scene context over large areas. If needed, SightTracker’s auto tracking can be overridden using manual controls, and then automatic operation can be resumed once manual control is disengaged. Targets are displayed in great detail within the end user’s video management system while the target’s location is presented on the SightMonitor map or a physical security information management (PSIM) system. The result is a comprehensive security solution that provides critical “what and when” information about an intrusion to enable fast decision-making while capturing the event for evidence.

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