Siemens wins DCS Awards for next generation data centres solution

DCS Awards

Siemens wins DCS Award for next generation data centres solution

Datacenter Clarity LC, an advanced software solution suite from leading solutions provider Siemens Building Technologies, was awarded second place at this year’s DCS Awards under the category of ‘Datacentre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Product of the Year’.

The DCS Awards are designed to reward the achievements of product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and providers operating in the data centre arena and took place on May 14th at the Radisson Hotel, Portman Square, London.

Philippe Heim, Portfolio Manager for Siemens’ data centre team comments, “We are delighted that Datacenter Clarity LC has received this accolade from the data centre industry, particularly as the DCS Award was voted for by data centre professionals. The Award recognises that our advanced technology delivers a unique solution that guarantees a scalable, secure, seamless, resilient and intelligent environment.”

Unlike other DCIM solutions, the latest Datacenter Clarity LC technology combines a complete DC Suite including a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) module. The software delivers real-time energy management in server rooms due to its ability to harness CFD analysis technology, combined with real-time environmental monitoring to deliver a complete set of capabilities for cooling management.

In addition to real-time environmental monitoring, the software also provides predictive capabilities in a virtual 3D data centre model, before any equipment is actually purchased.  Having both real-time environmental monitoring and CFD capabilities within a single DCIM platform is unique to Siemens and enables a faster return on investment.

The intuitive, easy-to-use DCIM interface processes information from vital sub-systems that traditionally operate in silos into a single, powerful solution that monitors energy and building management, physical security, fire safety, power and communications, racks, servers, data storage systems, as well as switches and routers.

It enables collaboration between IT and facilities’ processes, allowing both parties to track and manage assets and workflows. Simple integration procedures ensure the smooth transfer of up-to-date infrastructure information and help the two departments to deliver high value IT services and solve the toughest challenges together.

The outcome is a unique and complete, webclient that can represent assets in a state-of-the-art 3D model and deliver a fully automated, smart data centre environment, with proven cost and energy savings and improvements in manpower resources. The major key drivers such as PUE, Rack Utilization, CUE are further shown in a KPI dashboard,
Datacenter Clarity LC is based on Siemens’ tried and tested Product Lifecycle Management software (PLM), which has a proven 20-year pedigree. Operating in critical environments across the globe, over nine million PLM licenses have been issued, including NASA who used the software to digitally design, simulate, analyse and assemble the entire Mars Rover Curiosity prior to its successful landing on Mars.

Siemens’ experience in data centres includes the following:
A high performance, energy efficient data centre for Citigroup Frankfurt Data Centre where Siemens integrated seamlessly across a variety of disciplines.

Integrated data centre solutions for the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre offering maximum system reliability, availability and business uptime.

In Ferrera Erbognone, Italy, Siemens worked with Eni to construct the most energy-efficient data centre in the world, with its TIER IV classification compliance, it delivers 99.995% availability.

Siemens award-winning Beijing data centre in China is Siemens’ largest and most advanced data centre in Asia.


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