Siemens’ fire terminal with comfort operation

Siemens' fire terminal with comfort operation

Siemens’ fire terminal with comfort operation

• State-of-the-art technology for new installations and modernisations
• High-resolution color display with comfortable touch screen operation
• Designed for the most demanding security requirements

The FT2080 comfort fire terminal from Siemens is designed for use with medium-sized and large fire protection systems. With its large color display with touch screen functionality, the FT2080 makes it easy to operate the system and meets the highest safety standards in accordance with EN54-2. This unique fire terminal is suitable for new installations as well as for modernisations of existing systems.

The FT2080 comfort fire terminal closes the gap between basic fire terminals and complex management stations. With its 12-inch high-resolution color touch screen display and its extensive fire protection functionality the FT2080 combines the intuitive operation and straightforward instructions of a management station with the ease of installation of a terminal.

The new fire terminal FT2080 with touch screen display is integrated into the operating concept of the Sinteso fire protection systems. Alarm and status messages are color-coded, allowing users to immediately distinguish between messages of different priorities. Users can sort messages by a number of different criteria and access related information and UI elements right from the messages. In addition, the FT2080 offers context-sensitive user guidance with straightforward instructions, ensuring that operators respond correctly even in stressful situations. Since operation of the terminal requires authorization using a password, different messages and UI elements are shown depending on the role and permissions of each user. The display uses resistive touch screen technology, is immune to humidity and dirt, and can be operated wearing gloves. This makes the terminal suitable for installation in harsh environments.

In combination with a management station, the FT2080 ensures the backup of the fire protection tasks when the management station is not available.

The FT2080 comfort fire terminal integrates seamlessly into an existing FS20 fire protection network, thus laying the groundwork for expanding existing fire protection networks and gradually migrating them to state-of-the-art technology.

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