Siemens: Communicating VAV compact controllers

Siemens: Communicating VAV compact controllers

Siemens: Communicating VAV compact controllers

• Support for BACnet, KNX and Modbus communications standards
• Can be integrated into any application and system
• High precision thanks to location-independent measured value acquisition

Siemens is adding four variable air volume (VAV) compact controllers and a robust handheld operating unit to its OpenAir line of products for VAV systems. The line now supports all major communications standards, including KNX, BACnet and Modbus. The controllers are easy to parameterize and provide the highest degree of precision and flexibility.

The new VAV compact controllers offer a torque of 5 Nm for approx. 0.8 m2 of damper area, or 10 Nm for approx. 1.5 m2 respectively. Thanks to a quasi-static differential pressure measuring principle and a sophistical control algorithm the controllers operate quickly and with high precision. With multiple modes and support for different communications standards (KNX S-/LTE-Mode, KNX PL-Link, Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP), the controllers integrate seamlessly into any application and system, including those from third-party vendors. The bus connection eliminates the need for time-consuming point-to-point wiring in large plants, which saves time and money during installation. In addition, number- and color-coded cables as well as well marked connection nozzles for pressure tubes make installation even easier.

Another addition is a VAV modular controller which makes any 3-point standard actuator from the OpenAir line usable for VAV systems. Combinations of the VAV modular controller and any matching OpenAir actuator allow for use in safety applications and applications characterized by very large damper areas.

The new AST20 handheld operating unit is compatible with all VAV controllers in the OpenAir line. It is dust- and splash-proof (IP54) and offers a user-friendly display and an intuitive menu guidance that facilitate commissioning and operation of VAV controllers.

All OpenAir damper actuators are labeled with a data matrix code; using the Scan to HIT app from Siemens allows instant access to product information such as datasheets and installation instructions from any web-enabled mobile device. In addition, the damper actuators can be customized as desired (cable length, cable type, connector system, company logo, etc.).

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