SICUREZZA Exhibition Already Announced for 2015


Strong growth in attendance figures for 2014 as market continues to expand

As of 2015, the SICUREZZA event will be held every odd year. The new format will focus on the ‘”internet of things” and will have a synergistic relationship with Expo Milano 2015.

Energy and information technology networks, the system of health care, the financial world, food and water supplies, transport and treatment of hazardous substances, local government offices: day in, day out, technology and security providers work to ensure the continued operations of the so-called “critical infrastructures” of our world by deploying their specialized personnel and cutting-edge applications.

This is a growing industry, both in Italy (+1% in 2013) and abroad, that touches not only upon public places, but also our homes, places of culture, retail outlets and banks. Technology and security are increasingly important features in cities and in towns, whatever their size.

The Latest Facts and Figures for 2014

SICUREZZA, the International Biennial of Security and Fire Prevention will open its doors in less than two months, and run from 12 to 14 November at Fiera Milano (the Milan Trade Fair Centre). This year it can boast some impressive statistics: already, the number of direct exhibitors equals the total of 2012, and the exhibition space has been expanded by around 15% compared with the previous edition. Similarly, the presence of foreign exhibitors has grown, both in terms of the exhibition space they are occupying (+60%) and in terms of the number of exhibitors themselves (+50%), who hail from 26 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the USA).

Initiatives to Support Business Development Abroad

One of the objectives of an event such as SICUREZZA is to provide companies with tools they can use to develop their business in Italy and abroad. In light of this, and responsive to the demands of the companies themselves, the SICUREZZA organization has taken steps to bring to the Fair 107 top selected buyers from 27 countries (Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, France, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Tunisia and Ukraine). This initiative will certainly help businesses that want to explore new boundaries and build contacts with markets, especially those of the East, the Middle East and North Africa, where demand for security is growing.

Further, to facilitate contacts between buyers and companies interested in expanding their turnover, SICUREZZA 2014 is offering participants the chance to use the Expo Matching Programme (EMP), a software platform through which exhibitors and buyers can meet virtually beforehand so that they may choose the partners for their business and conduct more productive meetings at the event itself.

The New Formula for 2015

With an eye to the potential synergies with the Milan Expo 2015, Fiera Milano has also announced a major new departure: beginning from next year, SICUREZZA, which for 30 years has been held on even-numbered years, will be held on odd years, a schedule that better fits the international calendar.

After 2014, therefore, the next edition will be on 16-18 September 2015.

Roberto foresti

In the words of Roberto Foresti, Commercial, International and Development Director of Fiera Milano, “Every edition of the event is and must continue to be an instrument in the service of the market. To be sure, SICUREZZA has already achieved important goals, but we cannot stop here. Our task is to stimulate the sector into finding new areas of development, anticipating trends and identifying the needs of producers and users. That is why, after hearing the opinions of the companies through a Demoskopea poll, we have chosen to take a fresh step forward. Not only will SICUREZZA have a new calendar slot, but we are also planning on the expansion of several sectors to which we must pay attention in this age of the “internet of things”. This, in addition to the high level of technology and the quality of design of products made in Italy, will lend the event an increasing international appeal and render it capable of competing with other major trade shows.”

Thus, in addition to security, which remains the core business of SICUREZZA 2015, attention will be given to the “internet of things”, by which inanimate objects will become smart and capable of talking to each other so that everything, from infrastructure and industry to individuals, will be connected to a digital device and a network. In this interconnected world, we cannot afford to neglect the transversal importance of security, which is becoming increasingly integrated with other systems and has extended its reach into other synergistically related areas.

For this reason, one of the sectors that is set to expand from next year is home automation and intelligent buildings, i.e. the integrated management of all the operating systems of a building in order to ensure greater efficiency and sustainability. Another is cyber security, which in an increasingly connected world is becoming central to ensuring online business activity and for countering the frequent and sophisticated attacks on banks and institutions; another is road safety, which encompasses everything from urban lighting solutions to special vehicles and GPS systems. In addition to these is the range of fire protection products and services, which comprise not only fire detection but also extinguishing systems; and various safety devices, i.e. apparatuses for personal safety, accident prevention and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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