Sicurezza 2015: Technology to protect us

Sicurezza 2015: Technology to protect us

Sicurezza 2015: Technology to protect us

New market areas, products and services from top industry players with tailor-made integrated solutions. More and more on offer, and double-digit (27 percent) growth in foreign exhibitors

SICUREZZA 2015, the international biennial security and fire prevention event, will run in Italy, at Fiera Milano (Rho), from 3 to 5 November.

In the run-up to the first time the fair is being held during an odd-numbered year, SICUREZZA remains a key appointment for security and fire prevention professionals. This time it is bigger and better, with 10 percent more exhibition space and, most notably, a 27 percent rise in attendance by international exhibitors.

SICUREZZA 2015 is the first step along a path that will continue in the next editions, in 2017 and 2019, with a greater number of market areas represented to reflect an increasingly evolved and integrated market with increasing international reach.

Sicurezza 2015: Technology to protect us industry players with tailor-made integrated solutions. More and more on offer, and double-digit (27 percent) growth in foreign exhibitors The presence of major market leaders at this edition confirms SICUREZZA as the leading Italian event. The goal now is to become the go-to event for the entire Mediterranean Basin and southern Europe. A boost in investments outside Italy, partnerships with Europe’s main media and above all increased incoming buyer planning are all underway.

A hundred and fifty top hosted buyers (40 percent more than last time) are coming to this year’s show. They’ll arrive with high budgets and executive decision-making powers. Through EMP – Fiera Milano’s proprietary business matching software – they are put directly in contact with exhibitors before the exhibition starts so they can set appointments and then take meetings at the stand. This creates tangible opportunities for all enterprises attending the show to expand their business and meet the world right here in Milan.

On the supply side, all sectors of the market have upped the ante. Video surveillance continues to go from strength to strength: most of the top Italian and multinational names are all here. A wider selection of products for passive security is also on show, in particular locksmiths, who this year are out in force with brands and offers of great interest such as the latest-generation, electronic locks.

Advanced products will be on show for access control; in burglary prevention there are bespoke solutions for every situation, from the home to the office right through to sensitive environments; fire prevention and surveillance have attracted a number of top players in Italy.

IT-based solutions continue to grow in importance, paving the way for a future of potential opportunities with integration into other sectors and an embrace of IoT, the Internet of Things. Massive opportunities lie in managing and monitoring technology online, and a number of interesting state-of-the-art solutions are on show.
SICUREZZA Drone Expo is a brand-new addition this year, dedicated to the use of drones for security/safety-related purposes. Many of the most interesting and beneficial uses of this agile and versatile technology are in private and public security.

Security managers, designers, installers, public officials and law and order professionals will all find tailor-made solutions for every sphere of application: banks, offices, transport, local stores, mass retail outlets, residential, critical infrastructure and smart cities.

In addition, adding more value to security where it is most needed, SICUREZZA 2015 plays host to many different vertical initiatives dedicated to a burgeoning world of applications that help industry professionals make the best choice for their needs and understand the potential of the emerging technologies on show.

Exhibition Initiatives

The evolution of solutions for the retail trade

Focused specifically on security solutions for the retail trade and large-scale distribution, the Security for Retail Show (Hall 22) is being staged for the first time at SICUREZZA jointly with the Italian magazine essecome/

Aimed at trade professionals in the retail sector who are hunting for tools to protect their business, the area will encourage dialogue on these problems and propose customized solutions for every type of point of sale, presenting technologies and vertical solutions in a single context.

As well as showing integrated customised proposals and new ideas for linking security to the way customers are welcomed in points of sale, this area – thanks to a rich program of talk-shows, seminars and workshops organised by essecome/ – will provide an interesting chance to inform and train retailers, putting them in contact with the people who manufacture security systems and services.

Increasing integration between ICT and security 

Offering a privileged overview of the increasingly digital nature of the sector, SICUREZZA and the Italian trade magazine Digitalic are once again organizing ICT Security Village (Hall 24). In a world where security tools are invariably digital devices linked to a network, which communicate with a server and a hard disk and are connected to the Internet, new expertise and new solutions are needed to protect surveillance tools and the data they record adequately. Digitalic Village will be offering concrete examples of the increasing level of integration between ICT and security and will be proposing avant-garde solutions in various fields, from recording on hard disks and memories, and protecting secure networks to protection software. From secure cabling to memories that can defend themselves from attempts to steal data, and software and systems to protect corporate assets, many interesting technologies of the latest generation will be presented in this area devoted to digital security.

The intelligence and the security of thingsSicurezza 2015: Technology to protect us

Another interesting vertical area will be the one focusing on IoT: the intelligence and the security of things (Hall 24): With the advent of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, things have become smart and can communicate with each other, and everything nowadays – whether we’re talking about infrastructures, the industrial world or private individuals – is linked to a digital device and a network. In this context, the theme of security becomes a priority. In fact, not only have physical and logistical security converged, but security in every sphere has become a key factor for ensuring protection and constant monitoring, but also for improving efficiency and performance. With the aim of focusing attention on the future of the market, the IoT area will be bringing together companies which, even today, are taking effective steps to solve the security problems which need to be tackled, in the light of increasingly widespread intelligent devices and products. Enhancing the content further, Digitalic will organize a conference involving top experts on IoT and security, and technical workshops where case histories will be examined and future opportunities will be discussed.

When security takes to the skies

Appearing for the first time at the show, SICUREZZA Drone Expo (Hall 22) is an initiative entirely devoted to the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones) for the purposes of security and safety. It has been organized by Mediarkè, an Italian company which, for a couple of years now, has been promoting professional events of this kind in the sector, in cooperation with the trade magazine S News. At this group event, which will take place in the halls of SICUREZZA 2015, leading Italian and foreign companies specialized in the production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or which offer services employing drones, will be taking part. Finally, a special ‘flight area’ will be set aside for demo flights involving multirotor drones.

An initiative that looks at the future of security, a sphere in which UAVs are finding more and more applications, from the surveillance of flows of migrants in the Mediterranean to controlling critical infrastructures and major events, from protecting major monuments or art heritage to monitoring landslides and forest fires. And, very soon, other applications will be added to the list, such as emergency intervention in places where a natural disaster has struck, controlling critical situations from the air and even transporting drugs to isolated areas.

Professionalism in the piazza, business and hospitality 

Once again SICUREZZA welcomes the Ecosystem Village (Hall 24), a perfect “piazza” for meeting up and finding out the latest industry developments.
An exhibition space is dedicated to the ecosystem of Milestone Systems’ partners, who will be showcasing the latest technologies and technical training, events and networking opportunities. The central bar is a perfect place to meet, to build and to consolidate business relations by combining hospitality and professionalism at informal or business meetings, and to share products or map out future ventures.

From the problem to the solution

The best solution? Let the visitors decide

Technological innovation and advancement have prompted the industry to realise that it is necessary to go beyond an individual product-based approach: the future lies in integrated solutions, and successful case histories can help us understand how.

This is the idea that spawned the Solutions Gallery, an initiative organised by the Ethos Media Group, publisher of a&s Italy, which is showcasing 360-degree class-leading solutions (fire protection, burglary prevention, access control, building, video surveillance, etc.) in eight different vertical markets: transportation (rail, sea, air and road), retail, banking, urban security, healthcare, building, hospitality (hotel, holiday resorts), plus a miscellaneous category.

Participating companies illustrate their solution starting with how it caters to customer needs, including a case-by-case description of the location, installation type, key aspects of the system, main functions, what brands were used for the various components, and the results and benefits achieved.

Awards will be presented on SICUREZZA’s final day to the three solutions that garner the most votes at the event and online. The initiative is sponsored by sector trade associations.

Visitors to SICUREZZA will find quality and innovation, new solutions, training and increasingly-interactive spaces to discuss and leverage ideas and professionalism.
The show runs from 3 to 5 November 2015 at Fiera Milano.

Pre-register at and buy your tickets. All it takes is a few clicks to avoid the queues and save 50 percent on the cost of entrance.

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