SICUREZZA 2014 is the benchmark for the security sector in Italy

Sicurezza 2014 data itaThere is a a little less than a year before before SICUREZZA 2014, at Fiera Milano from 12 to 14 November 2014, gets underway and the event is already taking shape and receiving widespread support from the sector. In fact, numerous companies have already signed up as exhibitors creating an early indication of attendance taking on a strong upward trend from the 2013 event.

This year’s event will attract important names, but will also feature the strategic return of brands which are strongly representative of the sector: important signs which, even now, enable us to imagine an extremely varied offering, full of new features, innovation and excellence.

Business matching, new markets, updating technology: Ensuring security

Internationalisation, certified professional skills and training will be the guidelines of the 2014 edition.

Given the current economic climate, although the security market seems to be surviving, what really makes the difference is the capacity to expand one’s business, but also to offer distinctive products with a superior level of technology, design and after-sales service.

With the aim of providing an effective meeting between the supply and the demand, SICUREZZA is bringing high-profile buyers to Milan from the markets which mainly interest the exhibitors – especially the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Turkey and North Africa –  and all over Italy, especially the South.

An important investment, geared to identifying new potential buyers with a high expenditure  capacity, who will flow into EMP, the match-making software designed by Fiera Milano, enabling all the companies exhibiting to arrange meetings with buyers even before the event has begun.

Although gaining exposure on new markets is fundamental for producers, the most important factor for operators is keeping continuously up to date.

At the exhibition there will be numerous opportunities for instruction and training, thanks to the  network of partners attending the event – associations, sector media, universities – all active players in the next edition, who will make their know-how available at seminars, conferences and new initiatives being introduced to the event.

Scenario analysis, updates on standards, case histories, integrated solutions and best practices, all custom-designed for individual markets, but also an Award which will make it possible to make a “live” comparison on CCTV. Over the three days, SICUREZZA will be offering all kinds of different sessions on technical training, geared to every kind of operator: installers, security managers, owners of commercial businesses and services suppliers.

_ABO6172 (Custom)The associations attending SICUREZZA 2014

The most important Italian associations representing the whole supply chain are already giving support to the SICUREZZA event in the role of promoters and partners, from producers’ associations – ANIE Sicurezza and ASSOSICUREZZA – to umbrella associations for installers and security professionals: ASSISTAL (Italian Association of Equipment Constructors), AIPS (Italian Association of Professional Security Installers), AIPROS (Italian Association of Security Professionals), AIPSA (Italian Association of Business Security Professionals), ASIS (International Italy Chapter), AIPSI (Italian Association of Information Security), AIIC (Italian Association of Experts on Critical Infrastructures), ITASFORUM (Italian Security and Safety Forum), the Milan Politecnico and, in the sphere of private security surveillance and nominee services, ASSIV.

In the field of privacy, there is no shortage of leading bodies like Federprivacy and ABIRT (Italian Advisory Board of Persons Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data).

In the sphere of urban security and security for the forces of law and order, the event has the support of ANVU (Italian Association of Local Police Forces), IPA (International Police Association) and FISU (Italian Forum on Urban Security).

SICUREZZA 2014 is also proud to have the support of the institutions, professional bodies and organisations in charge of certification and standards, as well as bodies guaranteeing product quality and specific professional skills: IMQ (Italian Institute of Quality Trade-marks), CEI (Italian Electro-technical Committee), UNI (Italian National Unification Body), CNPI (National Council of Industrial Technicians and Industrial Technician graduates). Finally, the Milan Provincial Council has also lent its official support to the event.

A dense network of partners who confirm that SICUREZZA is a vital benchmark in the sphere of Security & Fire prevention in Italy and that it will ensure unique added value, both in terms of the promotional support and the richness of content and experiences to be found at the event.  

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