SICNT LEITH 324 – For impressive high resolution

SICNT introduces a new, high resolution, HD surveillance camera that is top quality while being budget friendly.

SICNT has enriched its LEITH Family with the camera LEITH 324, which has the high definition of 1000TVL. It is equipped with a 2.8mm-12mm adjustable lens allowing LEITH 324 to operate at given focal distances to best suit a particular field of view.

The SICNT new 1000TVL camera is combination of SONY IMX 138 CMOS sensors and Fullhan DSP chips. It is different from the traditional analog cameras which are built on CCDs and DSPs, or simply a CMOS sensor. This new combination on CMOS and DSP is equivalent to a 1.3 mega-pixel high-definition network camera, and features 0.001 Lux low light performance. The high definition analog camera chip solution was unexpectedly developed. LEITH 324 is the first camera of SICNT which is equipped with this new combination.

LEITH 324 is suitable for the outdoor usage as its weatherproof case, a high precision 2.8-12mm varifocal lens with zoom and focus adjustment, that allows LEITH 324 making for a great shot at any angles. The 42 pieces IR LEDs makes LEITH 324 to capture the image with 40 meters in the darkness. When it is using slow shutter speeds, LEITH 324 can provide a multiple times better night vision images than common CMOS chipsets.

Besides, together with powerful image processing attributes like wide dynamic range (WDR) and 3-dimensional noise reduction (3DNR) technology, the LEITH 324 is able to filter the intense backlight surrounding a subject and remove noises from the video signal. The result is an extremely clear picture quality under any challenging lighting conditions.

LEITH 324 is a new competitive analog camera, with good price, HD quality.

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