SICNT Launches Flexible Camera & DVR


DEXTER Dual-Mounting Series Flexible PTZ High Speed Dome Cameras bring you a different experience, offer you convenience and simplicity. Using with MASHEN DVR to facilitating your surveillance system. They are good for the airports, shopping malls, or the places where are facing with the high traffic flow.

dexterDEXTER Dual-Mounting Series
SICNT considered every aspect of installing and using your cameras from mounting, capturing the right angle of view, to adjusting settings, and mafe it a better experience.

  • PTZ: DEXTER Dual-Mounting Series are PTZ high speed dome cameras. Panning, tilting, zooming are controlled on your hand.
  • Powerful Infrared: DEXTER 212 & DEXTER 213 equipped powerful infrared, activated automatically in the darkness, so you always have a clear image no matter in day time or night.
  • Dual-Mounting: DEXTER Dual-Mounting Series come with professional design, with the wall- and ceiling-mountable bracket, so you can easily place the camera in an area that is well concealed.
  • Quick Setup: Simply run through the pattern you want the camera to follow manually, hit save and it will continuously run the pattern.

mashen 38MASHEN DVRs
SICNT MASHEN DVRs are designed to offer advanced features that are easy to use, clear interface. You can control it easily from the setup step to monitoring. You can enjoy the simple surveillance with MASHEN DVRs.

  • User-friendly Interface: The mouse-driven menu designs optimized for ease of use, and lets you configure your MASHEN DVR in less than one minute
  • Quick Setup: You just need to simply connect the power and cameras, enter a few details such as desired frame rates, that the MASHEN DVRs can be used.
  • Mobile Connectivity: MASHEN DVRs support the mobile connectivity such as iPad, iPhone or smart phones, which allows you to have remote viewing on your property via internet.

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