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SINCT logoDo you want to protect your most important property and people? Do you need to keep track of the event at retail shop, at the game’s destination, or anywhere in the world to avoid missing any of the important things?

To find a camera that is relatively inexpensive with a high resolution, full functionality is not an easy thing to do. Now, you do not have to spend a fortune to own a high resolution stylish camera.

SICNT has introduced a smoked glass CCTV camera series – BERT 86 series, to monitor every second of those valuables with you. This affordable and user friendly series allows you to change all image parameters across the OSD control at once.

SICNT “BERT 86” stylish chic white smoked glass camera comes with 48 pieces infrared LEDs and is equipped with a high precision 9-22mm varifocal lens.

SICNT “BERT” stylish camera series come in different handy designs to surveillance areas including sport centers, residential, supermarkets, retail shops and shopping malls. No matter you are a style lover, or purely a surveillance camera wholesaler or just looking around for an affordable stylish high resolution camera, SICNT “BERT” stylish cameras provides you with the best choice in terms of functions, style and price tag.

What is Smoked Glass?
BERT Smoked Glass Camera Series applied the Smoked Glass Design. Smoked Glass Camera Series are different from other cameras as the IR LEDs of these cameras are hidden behind the dark smoked glass. They will appear when the IR LEDs are operating only. Thus, you will not see the IR LEDs  when the IR LEDs are not operating. Therefore, BERT Smoked Glass Camera Series have special and stylish appearance.


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