New website for secure shredding experts Shred Station

Shred Station launches new website

New website for secure shredding experts Shred Station.

Leading UK secure shredding experts Shred Station have unveiled their new information sharing and brochure website.

Shred Station hShred Station launches new website ave launched a new customer facing website They are one of the largest confidential data disposal and secureshredding experts in the UK, and the largest independently owned shredding company. The site has been created to further establish their place as a thought leader within this marketplace.

Shred Station has built the site as the cornerstone of their online marketing strategy, setting it with the task of delivering business growth by generating brand awareness throughout the UK. One of the main features of this new content strategy is to display the company’s green credentials and demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility.

Partnering with Norwich-based online design experts Soak Digital, the new design represents an extensive revamp on the previous site, improving the overall user journey and delivering clear information about the shredding services offered by Shred Station.

Utilising the latest web technology the site is fully responsive and able to work on all popular handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It possesses functionality that will allow it to grow over time with extensive sections for new content.

New website for secure shredding experts Shred StationUsers will find a balanced portal that presents a wealth of useful information on the world of confidential data disposal, including regular updates on the latest rules and regulations within this heavily governed industry. With data concerns becoming an increasing worry in today’s technology dependent society, users should find the new website a valuable resource, helping them to prevent identity theft and security breaches.

Aimed at a wide spectrum of users, the site explains how shredding helps different sectors. Specific information tailored to businesses, schools, government departments, individuals and financial services organisations is available, providing informative and useable advice.

Alongside the information resource sections the usability of the site has also been improved. Benefits of the shredding service are clearly highlighted, together with the simplicity of the overall process. All of these sections are underlined by clear calls to action, providing the visitor with actionable real world steps to engage Shred Station’s services.

Shred Station is one of the UK’s leading specialists in secure shredding services and technology. They provide both ad-hoc and regular confidential data disposal services throughout the UK.

To visit the new Shred Station website click here

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