Shield Security Makes Payroll Queries a Thing of the Past by Investing in the Future

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shield securityShield Security, a full service security business based in Hull – established over 10 years ago and employing more than 300 security officers, has recently invested in the WebeX employee and client web portal for Logosoft Roster Manager.

webex roosterTalking to Melvyn Ford (Payroll Manager), of Shield Security – he explained that prior to the implementation of WebeX, Shield used to have payroll adjustments in the order of £3,000 per payroll with an average value of £75.72. The time spent investigating each individual query was a huge pull on resources – typically taking 2 hours per query, this would take 79 hours per payroll run; effectively un-productive time and an additional overhead to the business.

Example view of ‘Employee Hours Worked’

logosoft portalUsing WebeX employees are able to view the hours recorded for their duties worked over the prior period, they can check this against their records of hours worked – and in doing so deal with any discrepancies before they hit payroll. Thereby removing the painful administration task of investigating the variance, gaining sign-off once evidenced, and then of course making the relevant payroll adjustment.

The result – happy employees and greatly reduced administration for Shield’s payroll staff allowing them to focus on value-add tasks rather than the laborious job of investigations and adjustments. The savings realised by Shield just from this single feature of WebeX represent a massive ROI and payback on their investment within the space of a couple of payroll periods!

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