SeSys’s Torch Camera now supports 4G connectivity

SeSys is proud to announce that its award-winning Torch Camera now supports 4G connectivity. SeSys’s Torch Camera is an IP based camera solution that uses mobile network connectivity to deliver video images to users via an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), control room or web browser. With integrated high resolution camera, storage, battery and router the Torch Camera is a self-contained camera system.

With ten hours autonomy the Torch Camera can be deployed in minutes and uses mobile networks for remote access to live and recorded video. Not only will users be able to download recorded video faster, they will also experience improved frame rates at all image resolutions.

4G is the next generation standard for mobile communica-tions. Improving on existing 3G services, 4G will offer greater data rates. Therefore, the ability to connect via 4G will provide improved connectivity for the Torch Camera. Most notably improvements to frame rate and resolution will be achieved as well as reducing time to download an important video sequence. This will make the Torch Camera more agile to use remotely and improve the experience of the user.

4G networks are already established in the USA and mainland Europe, 4G services are set to be launched in the UK later in the year.

Technical Director for SeSys, Dan Eames, said: “At SeSys we are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers and as such we are always developing our products to feature the latest technology. Introducing 4G capability is part of our program to continually develop SeSys’s products”.


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