Seoul Daily News uses Zerto system

Seoul Daily News uses Zerto system

Zerto, setting the standard for protection, recovery and migration of data in cloud and virtualized data centers, today announced Seoul’s leading daily newspaper uses Zerto Virtual Replication to protect its critical IT infrastructure from cyber attacks and natural disasters. The Seoul Daily News now achieves continuous data protection of Microsoft applications with simple and easy to use BC/DR software. Zerto Virtual Replication helped Seoul Daily News support very aggressive service levels, including achieving a recovery point objective (RPO) of just 20 seconds and a recovery time objective (RTO) of 60 minutes.

Of critical importance was protecting the key application, Microsoft SQL, which is the backbone of their IT infrastructure. If information is compromised in any way, Seoul Daily News could inadvertently deliver inaccurate reports and significantly damage its credibility as a trusted information source. The customer wanted to safeguard its credibility in two ways: First, if there was a natural disaster or power outage it wanted to be sure it could failover and ensure the information was available. Second, it wanted to enable a fast recovery from hacking, and the journal enables a quick failover to a previous point in time before any hacking occurred.

Its database has a very high rate of change and experiences very heavy input/output. Zerto Virtual Replication quickly replicates to deliver an aggressive recovery point objective, even during times of very high transaction volume. In addition to the aggressive RPO and RTO levels, other key features that will help them meet their business continuity requirements include:

Point-in-time Recovery – The ability to failover to a previous point in time was a great feature, and very important to Seoul Daily News as it allows it to “undo” any changes made to its records due to hacking. It can also use the point-in-time recovery to failover in the event of a natural disaster as well.

Virtual Protection Groups – Seoul Daily News needed to ensure its critical applications, including Microsoft SQL, are protected consistently, no matter where they were in the virtual environment. The Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) enable virtual machines (VMs) to be grouped together so they can be protected consistently across the VMware environment.

Simple management – Simplicity in operations were a key consideration for the team. A very quick training session was used to ensure that everyone was up to date on using ZVR. No matter who is available, they can quickly recover the environment whether a hacking incident occurs, or there is an outage due to a natural disaster.

Bonyang Goo, Deputy Director, IT Development Dept., Seoul Daily News

“Zerto (Virtual Replication) is the perfect solution for our needs. The CDP will ensure our information is safe from any natural disasters or hacking incidents. The solution is so simple, that after a very short training session, even those not familiar with BC/DR operations can easily handle Zerto. Initially, we were interested in Zerto by ChungDam IT’s recommendation. However, after we evaluated the product ourselves, its simplicity and robust BC/DR was proved to us, and we are comfortable recommending this product to any other company.”

Andrew Martin, Director APAC and Japan, Zerto

“The growing need to address broad threats to IT infrastructures is greatly evidenced by the Seoul Daily News adopting Zerto’s award-winning software that is quickly becoming the de facto industry standard for BC/DR in virtualized environments. The increased sophistication of cyber attacks and the increasing intensity of natural disasters such as typhoons and even tsunamis highlights the critical need to quickly protect and recover mission-critical business operations and systems. In addition, this also highlights the massive opportunity available to cloud service providers, VARs and others in the channel partner ecosystem to help them grow their businesses and improve service level capabilities.”

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