Sentry360’s Megapixel Cameras drastically increase security at John F. Kennedy Airport

terminal1-jfk_international_airportJFK airport was ranked the Number 1 busiest  International Air Passenger Gateway to the United States, in 2011, and out of the multitude of terminals at the busy airport, Terminal One is the hub for the majority of international travel, and JFK’s newest addition to the facility. Inside Terminal One there are 11 gates and two hardstands that are manned by their own state-of-the-art ramp control tower, which is equipped with radio communications and weather information. In the past, JFK had operated on an analog solution, which was failing to meet the modern demands of  security personnel in the facility. Many complaints were in relation to the lack of image quality for investigation, narrow field-of-view, and overall resolution of the camera. Even the  highest quality analog cameras only provided detailed images that were only produced at a maximum of 25-30 feet. After an extensive product evaluation cycle, Sentry360 was selected over the multiple  different solutions offered by different manufacturers. JFK was evaluating products based on highly demanding criteria such as: image quality, frame rate, minimum 5-megapixel resolution, and low light performance.

The IS-IP500

The IS-IP500

The Insight™ IS-IP500DN and the IS-IP10K cameras were used on the exterior of the  building to secure the tarmac and  loading bay. A major complaint of the client was the inability to identify workers as they operated  various pieces of equipment on the tarmac. There had been  several cases of workers compensation claims, as well as other  breaches in security that made detail the highest priority for this  deployment. Greg Keeling, President of New York Security Systems, explained  “The InSight™ 5 megapixel cameras delivered shocking image  quality which clearly identified all maintenance workers around the planes and on the tarmac at upwards of 200 feet. What also impressed me was the low light performance of the camera. Even using ambient  lighting, the InSight™ 5 megapixel camera was able to maintain  color images during the night. Most cameras I have come across have poor night time  performance and are very noisy.” By utilizing Sentry360’s OwlEye technology, each camera has the  ability to limit the amount of digital noise produced by low light shots, thus  decreasing spikes in bandwidth.  Greg also commented, “After seeing how these [Sentry360’s] cameras  perform, there is no doubt why JFK chose this camera to secure their facility.”

The inside of the terminal is a different obstacle in and of itself. The architecture alone, consisting of large  windows, high ceilings, and pillars makes this deployment very challenging.  By taking advantage of the engineering  behind Sentry360’s FullSight™ 360  camera, the airport was able to gain full situational awareness using a  significantly less number of cameras. The key areas that required this type of  coverage were the ticketing and check-in areas.

This is a high traffic area with many different activities  taking place all at once. By covering this area with just one camera, it meant that less cabling was required, and more importantly, less footage had to be reviewed in the event of an incident. When asked to explain the  benefits of the 360-degree camera, Laslo Tria of Media Wire said, “The Sentry360 FullSight™ camera in the ticketing and check-baggage areas was a perfect fit.  They could see the customer receiving their ticket, the bag being put on the conveyer belt, and all of the people  waiting in line simultaneously with one camera.  It  enables the investigation team at JFK to quickly track  incidents with how baggage was handled, where it was placed, and who was responsible at the time. It also gave us the ability to ensure no bags were left unattended, and no other suspicious activity was taking place.” Overall, a total of 247 cameras were deployed at JFK Terminal One, with each model chosen serving a  specific function. InSight™cameras were used where  highly detailed images with a wide field of view were  required. FullSight™ cameras were selected to secure  areas using the least number of cameras possible.


A total of 247 Sentry360 cameras were used to secure the inside and outside of terminal–one  because of their ability to exceed the specifications of the project. Each of the models chosen for this  project served a different function. Interior areas were covered using a combination of wide angle fixed  cameras and 360-degree cameras to provide detail and coverage in areas that were not previously  possible. Exterior areas employed the high detail and low light performance of the InSight™ professional camera series to allow for maximum detail in all lighting scenarios. The overall design was able to save  the client money without sacrificing image quality or coverage.


•  5.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

•  Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1920

•  Maximum Frame rate: 14 fps

•  IR Cut Filter

•  Full Onvif Compatibility

•  Motion Detection

•  PoE 802.3af

•  0.02 Lux at F/1.4 (Color)

•  100/10 LAN Connection

•  Protocols: UDP, TCP, HTTP, TFTP, RTSP

•  Automatic Exposure

•  Automatic White Balance

•  Brightness, Contrast, Saturation Controls

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