Sensoray Highlights IP Video Server for Ethernet Streaming


Sensoray announces that its Model 2453 IP Video Server allows users to capture and compress analog audio and NTSC/PAL video and send the resulting streams over Ethernet. With a range of configurations, the Model 2453 is flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of security, surveillance, and monitoring applications.

The Model 2453 can simultaneously produce two output streams with independent resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates, allowing it to be easily tailored to match the requirements and network capabilities of individual applications. With a number of advanced features including de-interlacing with motion artifact removal, real-time text overlay, and image rotation and mirroring, the Model 2453 is ideal for security and surveillance. It can be used for remote childcare monitoring, recording and monitoring transportation incidents, continuous monitoring systems needed in industrial applications, and more.

The Model 2453 is available in four configurations: 2453TAS, which includes the Model 2453 and Model 2453TA in metal enclosure; the 2453S, which includes the Model 2453 is in a low-profile metal enclosure; the 2453, which is a board version of the server; and a miniature version of the product, model 2454, which weighing less than one ounce but provides the same functionality as model 2453. The 2454 uses high density headers instead of standard connectors, leading to decreased weight.

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