SekureID SID500 access control reader with multispectral fingerprint technology

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.55.27Lumidigm claims the new SekureID SID500 access control reader, featuring Lumidigm’s V-Series multispectral fingerprint sensor, is a vital new solution for securing an organisation’s physical and digital assets.

The SekureID SID500, a standalone or networked biometric access control device, leverages advanced fingerprint and smart card technologies and is capable of determining who is an authorised user and who is not. It gives a company complete control over who goes where and when at all times. With wireless connectivity, the SID500 easily integrates with existing physical access systems and provides an enhanced layer of security through the use of Lumidigm’s biometric sensors and their industry-leading fake finger detection capability.

“We chose the Lumidigm sensors because, regardless of all the features the SID500 provides, if a person can’t use it, the system can’t do its job,” emphasises Marco Quintero, CEO of SekureID. “Over 3,000 companies are using our products with Lumidigm multispectral imaging sensors and we’ve never had a complaint about fingerprint reads.”

“Multispectral imaging is a sophisticated technology specifically developed by Lumidigm to overcome the fingerprint capture problems found with conventional imaging systems,” adds Bill Spence, Lumidigm Vice President of Sales-North America, Europe and Australia. “This more effective technology is based on the use of multiple spectrums of light and advanced optical techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin. That subsurface capability is important because the fingerprint ridges seen on the surface of the finger have their foundation beneath the surface of the skin, in the capillary beds and other sub-dermal structures.”

For customers who want to implement an assured authentication program using multiple credentials, the SID500 also ships with a built-in 125 KHz proximity card reader. This provides a second layer of security by requiring something users have in addition to biometrically verifying who they are.

With built-in wireless network connectivity, the SID500 can easily replace an existing “card only” access system. There is no need to run network cable to the SID500, making installation easy. The access control device also features a built-in Ethernet port which lets users immediately access web-based access control systems.

In addition, the SID500 is IP65 rated. The highly water resistant reader will work even in the rain and will maintain its performance levels even in these demanding conditions due to the unique capabilities of the Lumidigm sensor. The SID500 also provides a series of versatile interfaces that help customers meet almost any type of access control application or integration.

The new SID500 access control reader will be on display in SekureID’s Booth #412 at the Biometric Consortium Conference in the TampaConvention Center September 17-19 and Booth #4908 at the ASIS Exhibition September 24-26 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

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