SeeTec 5.3.7 available with WebClient and MobileClient

SeeTec WebClient
SeeTec WebClient

SeeTec WebClient

The latest release 5.3.7 of SeeTec’s powerful video management software is available now. It provides additional features for an even more flexible system access. Furthermore, additional hardware devices from several manufacturers as well as further hardware features are supported now.

The SeeTec WebClient, which is available with the new release, can be used for a swift remote clarification of alarms or suspicious cases. Its live view gives the user an overview of the current situation on site. The archive view can be used to view e.g. alarm recordings. With the SeeTec WebClient, you can simultaneously access one or several SeeTec installations over the internet without prior software installation. To launch the WebClient, any Windows or Linux based PC with Java™ and internet access can be used. The WebClient application is browser independent and does not require any additional video plugins or codecs to be installed as all video source formats are automatically converted to Motion JPEG by the SeeTec TranscodingEngine.

The SeeTec MobileClient allows to receive and to process alarms on mobile devices. Whenever an alarm occurs, it will be signalized on the smartphone. The user may then view the alarm sequence and manage the alarm or he can directly access the live image of the particular camera from his mobile device. The SeeTec MobileClient is currently available for the Blackberry platform; solutions for further platforms (e.g. Android) are under way.

With the new release, the feature set of the SeeTec Analytics product range has also been extended. A “Scene Change” filter is now available which can be used to detect lighting changes or camera tampering automatically. In addition, tracking information of the VCA can be visualized in live view. Detected objects such as persons or cars are highlighted and classified within the live view. Both features are available for all packages of the SeeTec Analytics series.

With version 5.3.7, the SeeTec software is now also available in Czech.

About SeeTec AG

SeeTec AG is one of the leading vendors of manufacturer-neutral full IP video management software, supporting a wide range of edge device from all well-known hardware manufacturers and providing interfaces to numerous third party applications. In addition to the standard video surveillance products made in Germany such as SeeTec ProBox (for small and mid-size projects) and SeeTec Enterprise Edition (for mid-size and large projects), SeeTec offers additional modules such as license plate recognition or video analytics. Besides merely security-related solutions, SeeTec provides value packages amongst others for the retail, finance and logistics sector, integrating video surveillance with business processes. This makes the use of video management systems more efficient and convenient. SeeTec supports its customers in all project stages – starting with planning and consulting and covering also the after sales stage with a comprehensive service approach to keep the video system up to date at any time. Trainings for SeeTec sales partners and end customers are available all year round and on an international basis. Besides the headquarter in Philippsburg, Germany, SeeTec is operating sales offices in Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia and Turkey, further markets such as the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Russia are covered by dedicated sales persons.

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