SecurityNewsDesk TV: NavTech demonstrates radar-activated CCTV at IFSEC 2012

NavTech Radar

In this video, we interview Philip Avery about Navtech’s radar system outside the IFSEC 2012 exhibition where the company was offering a live demonstration to visitors.

Radar-activated CCTV can provide automated surveillance over a wide area. Ideal for airports, factories, oil refineries and other facilities with wide perimeters to protect, the system will detect people and vehicles with a radar that sweeps the area once per second.

Having acquired a target, Navtech’s Witness software will then direct a camera to zoom in on the target and acquire a close up image. Video analytics enables the system to track and classify targets according to a number of parameters including size, speed, direction of travel and location within the protected zone. Objects outside the protected zone will be ignored by the system.

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