SecurityNewsDesk TV: IFSEC 2012 show report 4 featuring Panasonic

SecurityNewsDesk TV - IFSEC 2012 report 4

This video report is sponsored by CCTVdirect, supplying exclusive CCTV products at the lowest possible prices.

In this report, editor Tom Reeve offers his views on the highlights of the show. In particular, four companies caught his attention:

* Thermal imaging cameras from Opgal are challenging Flir for market position

* Panasonic will soon unveil its second generation video analytics toolkit which the company claims can identify people’s age and gender with 85pc accuracy and accurately identify 64 faces from a database of known individuals

* CheckMySystems has just added Samsung to the range of brands that are compatible with its automated system monitoring software

* And Vemotion is a company that specialises in the broadcast of real-time video over low-bandwidth connections. It is going to launch an app for Android phones which enables users to share video in real-time.

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