SecurityNewsDesk TV – 30 June 2011: two minutes of security news and comment

Our two minute video news releases are a unique delivery platform in the security industry

SecurityNewsDesk TV – keeping you abreast of news and products from the security industry. In today’s video release, we take a look at:

  • Heald which manufacturers roadblockers and bollards but also does an award-winning job at the softer end of the business, customer care

And finally a few words about us… I promise not to go on about it all the time but, seeing as we’re still a new website, I wanted to update you on our position in the market:

  • – Alexa, one of the web’s leading ranking systems, says we’re number one in the UK (Note: at the time of filming we were ranked 8032 but today we’ve seen an improvement and now rank 7429. By comparison our nearest competitor ranks 11,098 today).
  • MozRank – MozRank is another leading web metric and it gives us a 3.86 which isn’t bad after six months on the web. In the video I say this equates to a Google ranking of 3 or 4. As if to confirm my prediction, yesterday Google (at long last!) updated it’s page ranks system and…
  • Google Page Rank – We’re delighted to announce we were awarded a 3. Google Page Rank updates two or three times a year. As we launched this site shortly after a page rank update, we figured we’d have to wait a while for an update (But we didn’t expect to have to wait six months, though!). Meanwhile, one of our competitors actually dropped in the Google rankings while the others remained unchanged.

While SecurityNewsDesk basks in the glory of a freshly minted “3” from Google, SND’s sister site – – has gone up from 3 to 4.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who uses our websites – we appreciate your support and we would like to hear from you either by email or via the comments section.

You can read more about our stats by visiting the About Us section of our website.

And finally… I know we’ve annoyed a few competitors by quoting Alexa numbers to demonstrate our position in the market. I believe that Alexa data is very indicative of market trends, but hopefully with our MozRank and our new Google Page Rank, our critics will now be reassured that we aren’t trying to mislead anyone.

Hope you enjoy our latest video.

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