Security 2016: Mobile, Connected Homes and Buildings

Security 2016: Mobile, Connected Homes and Buildings

Security 2016: Mobile, Connected Homes and Buildings

This year, Honeywell Security predict that we will see the rise of the following three trends:

1. Mobile
We all depend on our mobile devices daily – for emails, shopping online, directions, and much more. With portable devices we all have in our pockets, they are a fantastic tool for self-monitoring security in particular. Using the cloud, homeowners can be alerted by text message if an alarm is triggered, and then view a video stream of their property to verify the alert – so they can ensure their home is kept safe, anytime, anywhere. Solutions can then be reset remotely, negating the need to visit the premises and saving time and hassle. The convenience this offers customers means mobile integration will become an essential tool for security service providers looking to penetrate the residential market in 2016.

2. Connected Homes
The connected home will focus on integrating various home systems in 2016 and this includes security solutions. These emerging technologies – from smart meters, to connected media and entertainment - present security manufacturers and installers with a great opportunity to drive revenue by integrating these electrical systems into the home owner’s security system, expanding its functionality into every day home applications. With consumers demanding more holistic systems, we can expect to see the security system as a common platform for home automation and integrated services – relying on cloud and mobile interfaces to deliver these solutions.

3. Connected Buildings
Similarly, connected buildings will also be a key trend for 2016. As with the home, today’s enterprises want all their various systems to interact with each other and be as operationally efficient as possible. Building managers are already using systems to link their security assets, such as access control and CCTV, to other applications such as building management systems (BMS) and HR, in order to secure their sites more effectively. Integrated fire and security systems provide a complete site view from one central location, allowing building managers to monitor the whole site. Adding BMS integration into the mix also enables building managers to manage temperature and lighting control across the site from the same location, potentially through the same interface. In 2016, connected building services will focus on making this level of integration standard – saving businesses time and money, while also providing them with the most high-tech security possible.

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