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Security Media Publishing Limited is pleased to announce the launch of a new magazine for the security industry. Called SecurityNewsDesk, it builds on the growing popularity of and answers a need in the security industry for a professional, independent news-led magazine that focuses on all aspects of the profession. has established itself as a fearless news portal that doesn’t play favourites with anyone when it comes to reporting the facts.

Building on the success of the website, SecurityNewsDesk magazine is the publication that everyone in the security market has been asking for. It meets the need for unbiased, independent and accurate news about the security industry and the issues that affect it.

Our mission is to report news to the market – in print, online and in video – without fear or favour, casting a light on the market to reveal what is good and bad about all aspects of security around the world.

SecurityNewsDesk is for security managers, security guards, system installers and sales people. It’s for manufacturers, entrepreneurs, consultants and police officers. In short, it’s for everyone who cares about how we make our world more secure.

SecurityNewsDesk is the culmination of years of editorial, sales and business experience from its three founders, Tom Reeve, Peter Mawson and security industry veteran Frank Kirk.

Tom has two decades’ experience reporting on the UK security industry. During this time he has reported extensively on all aspects of the industry, including technology, management, counter terrorism and regulation/legislation. He has built up a particular expertise in the CCTV industry in recent years as the editor of CCTV Image magazine.

Peter is a seasoned business development and media professional with over 17 years’ experience in media and commerce. From a career that began in the music industry in the U.K., Peter has worked to grow bands, magazines and businesses. Over the  years in the security sector he has developed high profile initiatives and worked behind the scenes with key clients to expand markets.

SecurityNewsDesk editor, Tom Reeve comments: “We will continue our online practice of reporting the facts about the security industry. We won’t try to dress up the truth or be afraid to challenge the status quo. In my book, no one should be considered too powerful to be held up to scrutiny by the security press.”

Peter Mawson says: “It’s obvious that current security industry magazines aren’t meeting the needs of commercial organisations or people who need unbiased information about the market. SecurityNewsDesk magazine will be the news magazine that the security industry has told us it wants.”

Frank Kirk comments: “SecurityNewsDesk magazine has an experienced and respected team who understand every aspect of new media as well as traditional print magazines. It’s a great commercial proposition for the industry.”

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