Security Media Publishing reveals brand new packages

Until now Security Media Publishing has offered Bronze, Silver and Gold marketing packages, offering access to different levels of marketing support. However, what these packages didn’t do is to clearly outline how they took your message to the security industry and the level of influence they would generate in the market.

With the refresh of we have taken the opportunity to revamp our marketing support packages. Now called Presence, Awareness, Active and Zenith, they have been designed to do what it says on the tin, making it clear what to expect.

The Presence package is designed to make you known to the market, to create a presence. This is the ideal package for smaller companies to get introduced to the market, or possibly the ideal way to introduce a new product or service.

The Awareness package is tailored to make the community and market aware of you, your products and services. It will generate a higher profile than the presence package. This is proving our most popular package.

The Active package is aimed at making an active, deep impact on the market and gets the Security Media Publishing team working as a virtual member of your marketing department. We actively promote you, your products and services and actively keep an eye out for suitable business opportunities for you.

Of course, these may not suit everyone. So, to accommodate the requirement to be positioned above the rest and reflect your success and power within the market we can offer a fully bespoke package to our top clients – the Zenith package.

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Download our Media Pack today to find out more about our services and get in touch to discover how to build Awareness, Presence and an Active position in the security marketplace by calling +44 (0)1543 250456 or emailing


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