Security Executive Council selects Guardly as a key solution innovation partner


Guardly have been selected as a key solution innovation partner by the Security Executive Council (SEC), a research and advisory services firm that specialises in risk mitigation.

It offers risk mitigation leaders trusted experience, knowledge-based options, program decision assurance and targeted information, ensuring security initiatives are strategic, on target, and cost effective. The Council has experience in all industries and in all areas of the security function: physical, information, and compliance. The Solution Innovation Partner status once again reaffirms Guardly’s commitment to continuous innovation in security industry technology and highlights the company’s expansion into new geographies and vertical markets.

“We are excited to add Guardly to our list of trusted and capable Solution Innovation Partners,” said Dean Correia, Emeritus Faculty of the Security Executive Council. “The company continues to introduce new innovative mobile safety solutions into the market, including the recently released Indoor Positioning System and Mobile Mass Notification System. They are gaining momentum in the security industry and we are confident to recommend the company and its products to the most demanding organisations.”

A new case study addressed customer risk issues, mitigation opportunities and solutions delivered, and was overseen by the Security Executive Council. The case study focused on a demonstration of Guardly’s Enterprise Solutions capabilities with an existing customer that has geographically dispersed facilities. Solution innovation requirements included reducing incident response times, enhancing situational awareness for security operators, enabling better real-time decision making when responding to threats, and a method for any person to report an incident from any smartphone at any location within or around the facilities. The results demonstrated unprecedented savings of over $19,000 per 1,000 incidents in departmental efficiency costs, a 44% reduction in response times and the ability to track and locate non-communicative and non-responsive callers within 4 minutes inside buildings.

“The results of the study prove Guardly’s mobile safety solutions’ unparalleled performance capabilities and its value to enterprise-grade customers.” Josh Sookman, chief executive officer and founder of Guardly went on to say, “We are especially excited because this process was overseen by a council faculty member with over 16 years of experience in developing and leading security programs for global organisations.”

The Solution Innovations Partners initiative is an informed diligence process that provides end users a degree of confidence as they choose security product and service providers. Selected companies are evaluated for their risk mitigation and return on investment capabilities, as well as their trustworthiness. This program allows practitioners to more easily identify trusted, capable solutions for their specific environments. The initiative is run by the Council’s subject matter experts who have an average of 30 years professional experience. There are currently over 100 of these experts in the SEC’s network with each expert averaging over 20 large-scale projects annually for Tier 1 Security Leaders™ and other clients. The Council members include Emeritus Faculty (former CSO’s that had roles managing enterprise-wide security at Fortune 500 companies), industry leaders and professional staff with security and research experience.

The case study can be downloaded HERE. To learn more, visit Guardly at ASIS International event in Chicago, IL from September 24-26 at the Ontario Pavilion, Booth # 283.

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