Security companies achieve success in ACS audits with Logosoft

Security companies achieve success in ACS audits with Logosoft

Security companies achieve success in ACS audits with Logosoft

Logosoft have received commendable feedback from their customers regarding recent successes in ACS audits. The latest results give prominence to the support that users of the solutions experience through their journey to achieve full compliance.

Dirk Wilson, Managing Director of Sector Security, stated that:

“Logosoft solutions have enabled and supported the systems and processes we have in place so that we have been able to consistently improve our ACS audit score.”

Other users of the ever-advancing software have also benefited from Logosoft support:

• The results of Stone Management’s most recent ACS audit saw a 26 percent increase from the previous year, allowing them to soar into the top 25 percent of ACS security companies in the UK

• In 2015, Adana Management implemented Logosoft’s Roster Manager with Call Manger whilst applying for ACS accreditation. Their first score ranked them within the top 10 percent of ACS security companies, while the auditor commented on the escalation processes enabled through use of Logosoft’s solution

• Lingwood Security have seen a 37 percent improvement in their latest ACS score following the further use of several Logosoft solutions

Paul Stamps, Managing Director of Logosoft, offered words of congratulations to all of their customers that received great ACS audit scores.

“It is so rewarding for us to know that our solutions are aiding and supporting our customers. We will continue to work in unity to increase performance standards and better their businesses. A huge well done to all.

Logosoft’s comprehensive support package provides free upgrades to future-proof our customer’s investment by ensuring that their systems continue to satisfy relevant national and international standards and meet the requirements of professional inspection bodies. This allows users to take advantage of proven and emerging technologies, giving their business a competitive advantage in a dynamic market.”

Logosoft offers an extensive range of solutions: a single module such as Roster Manager or Vetting Manager can be utilised to simplify your workforce management; while a fully comprehensive package of fourteen modules can control your workforce in its entirety, including patrols, invoicing, payroll and recruitment. Each individual module empowers your organisation to increase productivity, eliminate errors and reduces costs with ease.

To find out more regarding Logosoft’s premier workforce management solutions, call 01527 874997 or click the link below.

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