Security Center Enhances Customer Service Levels With SmartTask

Security Center

Icelandic-based Security Center, also known as Öryggismiðstöðin, has selected Skillweb’s SmartTask to gain greater visibility and control over its employees responsible for delivering a range of mobile, static and personal security solutions. The employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution has been adopted primarily as a management tool to enhance service levels and streamline control room operations, ensuring customers receive the highest levels of protection and peace of mind.
Security Center was already using a guard management tool but the system no longer met the needs of the business in terms of functionality and ease-of-use. The company wanted a solution that would enhance the service provided to customers, while supporting growth moving forward. Following a detailed review of the marketplace it took the decision to use the advanced employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution across its workforce.
SmartTask will capture integrated proof of time and attendance to monitor the status of static and mobile security teams. Using a simple smartphone application, mobile patrols and site based officers will record shifts, patrols and checkpoints attended, while those without smartphones will be able to book on/off shifts and check calls via telephone and a secure PIN code. Meanwhile, the SmartTask mobile app will enable officers to complete electronic forms, raise alerts and submit incident reports, as well as providing access to supporting information and special instructions.
Elsewhere, the live view for control room operations will provide an interactive dashboard to allow companies to monitor the delivery of contracted work and take corrective action to avoid any non-compliance of service. The at-a-glance visibility, with real-time updates and automatic refresh, will enable office-based controllers to track the attendance, status and safety of static and mobile personnel, so they have the ability respond quickly to any operational issues, security alerts and lone worker alarms.
Jónas Helgason at Security Center commented: “SmartTask is already proving a highly effective management tool that is helping to better monitor and control our workforce in order to enhance service levels to customers. Our commitment to quality, care and trust means we need to take advantage of the latest and most advanced technology solutions in the marketplace and SmartTask ensures we remain at the forefront of the security industry.” 
Paul Ridden, CEO of Skillweb said: “We are working with an increasing number of security businesses that are looking to gain competitive advantage by better planning and managing their workforce. SmartTask helps to deliver higher levels of service, operate compliantly and make the most of assets, while at the same time streamline processes to achieve cost, time and resource efficiencies. It is an ideal tool to schedule and coordinate security resources, making sure organisations are operating in accordance with contract and customer requirements.”

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