Security Buying Group to provide Aimetis Symphony software and analytics


Security Buying Group has announced a supply agreement with Aimetis, the open IP video management software (VMS), video analytics (VA), systems integration and alarm management provider.

“Aimetis is the world’s largest video analytics provider, with a proven track record in industrial, retail, civil and commercial applications,” explains Steve Jones, sales director of the Security Buying Group. “The Aimetis Symphony video management software solution is equally impressive and unlike most other VMS solutions available, provides an embedded and seamless integration with video analytics.”

The Aimetis Symphony has three simple license options which are Standard, for IP video recording; Professional for IP video and integrated alarm management; and Enterprise for intelligent, VE Series, video analytics and management. The Aimetis VE Series video analytics software includes motion tracking, object classification, people counting, left/removed objects, virtual fence, wrong direction, motion detection and loitering/dwell time.

“Licenses are not tied to the MAC address of a camera, but to the video channel. This allows the licenses, including Video Analytics, to be allocated to the most relevant cameras and re-allocated if system requirements change. This also allows unrestricted camera replacement and simple license upgrading.

“We also provide the Aimetis Physical Security Appliance, which is a purpose-built, rugged NVR with Aimetis Symphony licenses for video management and VE Series analytics software included. This provides installers with a high performance, intelligent, video surveillance platform of up to 16 cameras.”

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