Security Buying Group adds Digifort to its VMS

Security Buying Group adds Digifort to its VMS

Security Buying Group adds Digifort to its VMS

The Security Buying Group (SBG) has added the Digifort, open platform VMS and analytics solution to its integrated IP systems portfolio.

Digifort offers end users and installers a cost-effective, intuitive VMS and analytics solution with incredible functionality and scalability. It is available in four license types, Explorer (up to 16 cameras), Standard (up to 32 cameras), Professional (up to 64 cameras) and Enterprise (any number of cameras and sites).

Paul Scott, Technical Director of SBG, explained,

“SBG is well established in the VMS and analytics market. We have been looking to expand our open platform VMS range and only Digifort met all our requirements. Digiforts’s Explorer gives us a cost-effective, entry-level option that competes with NVR pricing but offers many benefits over "closed" NVR technology. This can scale all the way up to Enterprise solutions, with unlimited users and cameras. It is easy and intuitive to set up, from its IT infrastructure configuration through to site commissioning and analytics. There is no annual fee for maintenance. Users only buy enhancements if they need them, such as adding ANPR or version upgrades. The system is compatible with edge analytics from leading camera suppliers, supports edge recording and enables client workstations of up to eight monitors.

“Digifort has some interesting features like object speed. This can be used for traffic management, for example, triggering alarms when vehicles exceed designated speeds. We also have iLIDS compliance and a monitoring solution.”

Digifort offers a broad range of video analytic functions including ANPR, traffic management (speed filter), object tracking, loitering, virtual fence, missing object, abandoned object, face detection, vehicle counting and people counting. Analytics can be used to create research and reporting data.

All training courses are available on-line, keeping costs and time commitment down to a minimum.

Security Buying Group has a comprehensive portfolio applications in many market sectors.

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