Securing students and solving key management problems

Securing students and solving key management problems

Securing students and solving key management problems

Rialto Court is a block of contemporary apartments for students attending Durham University and Teesside University in Middlesbrough.

When management company Mezzino took ownership of the property, each apartment was secured using a master-key system. But the rapid turnover of tenants, together with a need for scheduled cleaning and summer shutdown periods, meant keys were becoming difficult to manage. The solution was SMARTair™, flexible and affordable access control using smartcards instead of mechanical keys.

In an initial deployment, 74 apartments were fitted with SMARTair™ battery-powered offline escutcheons. With SMARTair™, cards or fobs can be easily added or removed when required. Time zones can also be set, and an audit trail is available from the door handle or user card to make sure access to any room is easily trackable.

Dale Bennett of Newark & Sherwood, Mezzino’s long-standing expert locksmith partners says:

“I had no hesitation in suggesting the wireless SMARTair™ system because of its adaptability to suit any accommodation. Its features make it a simple and intelligent way of upgrading the controllability and security level of any premises, whie also solving key management issues—without compromising on aesthetics or style.”

Mezzino sought a convenient access control system that would make life easier for both tenants and the management company; a user-friendly solution that did not compromise on security; and a security system designed to work with the unique demands of students and student accommodation, which include frequent lost keys and a rapid annual turnover. The answer was SMARTair™.

James McGrath, Mezzino’s co-owner and director says:

“We are so pleased with the result we are already looking to adopt the access control system for the other student accommodation properties we manage nationwide.”

About Mezzino: Mezzino is a UK-based student accommodation provider. The company manages properties in Lincoln and Loughborough, as well as Rialto Court on Teesside. Rialto Court houses students from Durham University’s Stephenson and John Snow Colleges in 2- to 7-bed apartments with ensuite rooms and internet access included.

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