Securikey launches new DeLuxe half dome mirror

Securikey, a leading supplier of Cash Safes, Fire Safes, Key Cabinets and other Physical Security Products, has launched a brand new range of enhanced safety mirrors designed for use in a wide number of applications, including hospitals, office buildings, factories, warehouses and schools.

The Securikey DeLuxe Half Dome Mirror features a 3mm acrylic mirror face with a pure reflective coating, allowing a clear viewing area of 180°. This type of mirror is perfect for areas such as busy corridor junctions and T-intersections, ensuring optimal views around corners and greatly reducing the risk of collisions. The mirror is available in three sizes, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm, offering viewing distances of up to 4m, 6m and 9m respectively. The new range also incorporates a lightweight vinyl celuka back and lid which act as a barrier, ensuring that dust, litter or other objects do not enter the mirror cavity, removing the need to clean inside.

The DeLuxe Half Dome Mirror compliments Securikey’s existing range of safety and security mirrors, which includes a wide variety of convex and dome models, as well as speciality mirrors such as those that can be used within food processing factories, in areas such as multi-storey car parks to prevent vandalism and on roads to minimise the risk of traffic accidents. There is also a range designed specifically for use within the sometimes harsh environments of institutions like police stations, prisons and secure hospitals, a selection of which offer unique features that meet stringent Home Office, Police and Prison Service standards.

The use of strategically placed mirrors has become an important, cost-effective aspect of safety and security within many buildings. As indicated by Securikey’s large product range, specific types and shapes of mirrors are suitable for different areas and serve a variety of purposes, whether eliminating blind spots where large numbers of people or vehicles are active, acting as a powerful deterrent for antisocial behaviour or simply allowing people to better monitor their surroundings. Whatever the requirement, it is essential that the correct product is chosen for the task and that the mirror is strategically placed to ensure it provides the most comprehensive view. To help customers in their initial selection prior to direct consultation, Securikey has produced a useful online guide to convex mirrors, which can be viewed on the website.

Whichever model is selected, the customer has peace of mind that all Securikey products are easy to maintain, discrete and durable.




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