Securicorp launches UK based cloud solution for CCTV

Cloud Security
Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Securicorps main philosophy of migration from analogue to IP is now progressed to the cloud. Remote access is now 100% complete with remote storage, apps for smart devices and a selection of four cameras for the residential market

Securicorp and their partners finally announced the long anticipated cloud solution for CCTV. This application has been borne from work over the past four years with bringing true plug and play wireless IP cameras to the market with retailers, such as Maplin, and installing analogue DVRs in residential homes which are stuck in time due to the inability to upgrade software. More importantly from a security of data aspect, onsite data storage needs protection itself, maintenance and in the case of something as simple as a dynamic IP address (which most residential homes have) it will need support.

The cloud CCTV solution Securicorp Components launched today stores all the CCTV images on the cloud and is controlled and managed through one account username and password. Where IP cameras before had the advantage, over an analogue system, of being on a network which allowed adding cameras with ease there was still an issue of expanding pc power. Adding one camera to an existing one meant a doubling of resource usage (if it was an additional camera with the same make and settings). As with other increases in data that an individual will want to store the cloud gives the greatest flexibility.

Securicorp has partnered with telecom, data centre and internet service providers to provide the cloud. Retail distribution will be through the website and partnerships with retailers. Some service providers will also retail the cameras as a full bundled CCTV service.


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