Securicorp aim for India market boost with new Bangalore office

securicorp-logoSecuricorp has traded in India for a number of years and with the right partners it has established an office to service the growing demand and also provide services to security solutions to their other locations as the technology becomes more service based.

Securicorp has evolved its business over the course of years. It has leveraged itself as an operator in the UK which has the most CCTV in the world to provide and advise on CCTV systems which are affective. India is a market which has been a core of the business model and with the rise in demand there is a need to establish a local office. The office is mainly in response to backing up the service that Securicorp provides which keeps their customers’ system well maintained but also up to date. The Bangalore location also represents a location which compliments the security and systems product as it is based on ICT technology.

The Bangalore location will service customers within India and is simply a starting point for the company. As our business grows we will use strategic locations to place the business in accordance with regional and cultural appreciation. The technology is not a one size fits all and the needs for IP CCTV and other industrial solutions will differ from state to state.

The market is vast and the applications will be based around all types of industries and customers. It represents a unique opportunity and our global partners will be able to come together to use our collective case studies and experiences to service all the opportunities. In turn the recruitment for the office will be to assist on system design for other offices in other parts of the world. Securicorp has been conducting business from the UK in global markets for over 6 years. The system specifications have extended over time and we have added technical people to execute tenders and to create solutions for issues. This additional office will create benefits to the global customer base as Securicorp will use the collective buying power to pass on the savings to the customers, old and new.

Securicorp will launch a regional website to detail the products and services. This will be used to recruit the right personnel who will be able to gain international experience as we, as a company, exchange our global knowledge. The plan will be to create application divisions to focus a group of people on a solution to become the leader in that industry. For instance, our law enforcement services will process the requirements for all global law enforcement so that there is a speciality not just in the equipment but also in the service.

This service is anything from maintenance to a call centre support for managing data protection act enquiries. The security industry is not just about protecting assets or evidence capture; the solutions are created for prevention of deficit. Securicorp Bangalore will centralise the services that security systems now need for customer driven requirements.

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